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Free E-book - 3 Impactful Tools To Transformation

'What Are You Creating While We Our In The Cocoon Stage? '

I hope you are well and finding some time and space to connect with what you enjoy or perhaps taking action on some of your ‘to do’ list, or both.

There is so much change occurring at the moment, even though it may feel like we are in the cocoon stage - being still and staying very close to home, ideally this time is giving you space to clear and get clarity on what it is you want to move forward into or where you want to create change.

During this time I have been making a few changes with Inner Purpose as well. As you may know, I am now consulting from YogaFarm3217 on Thursdays, (well, not exactly at the moment…..) but again soon.

I am however still consulting via Zoom and although some people are apprehensive about it, the feedback from clients is they find the sessions as effect as being in the room together, so if you are thinking about booking a session I can still connect and support you via Zoom.

Free e-book on '3 Impactful Tools To Transformation'

I have also updated my subscription offer to a free mini e-book, titled

‘3 Impactful Tools to Transformation’ to receive your copy subscribe to Inner Purpose now!

There is a tapping meditation, an ‘I AM’ meditation and other tools to draw on as well, I hope you enjoy it and find it beneficial. Feel free let me know what you think of the different tools, or perhaps which one of the 3 works best for you and of course if you have any questions from the mini e-book please let me know so I can continue to support you, just send an e-mail to

If you need further support with either letting go of some aspect(s) of life that you feel are holding you stuck or depleted or you would like to focus on your future and would like support to bring that in with further clarity, I can support you with that as well.

Please connect with me, Sonja on 0407 558 216, or to book a session directly.

Until next time we connect

Big Love and Hugs

Sonja xo

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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