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What holds you back from speaking your truth?

What holds you back from speaking your truth? The energy of the throat is such a powerful insight into how you are showing up in the world. It relates to the expression, communication (and creativity) of yourself. The throat chakras energy is not just associated to our voice and speaking up, it is also our body language, our listening and sense of feeling heard, as well as our ‘vibe’.

When our throat energy (Chakra) is balanced we find we are able to speak our truth from our heart, and express our needs, ideas, boundaries, love and empathy effectively.

When our throat energy is out of balance you can find it difficult to speak your truth, you may feel fearful to express your needs and boundaries, or find it a struggle to listen to yourself and others. Often these awkward situations get ignored or the approach is to try and control it as they are uncomfortable and the mindset can be that if you don’t say anything it will just go away or someone else will speak up and resolve it. The catch here is that we also have an energetic vibration that ‘speaks’ to the world which is of the same energy. Ever felt that itchy scratchy feeling about someone else - that’s your expression speaking to you intuitively.

When we ignore / disregard or push down what we need to say, eventually the energy will present this imbalance and stress in a physical representation in the body, so that we have to slow down and take the time and space to look at what is occurring. This forced ‘slow down’ encourages you to speak up, heal it and ideally create some empathy for the situation to allow a shift to occur.

Have you ever noticed when there is an awkward conversation to be had, an uncomfortable silence or when you have held back saying something you feel as if you have a ‘frog in your throat’ (a block rises up)? Alternatively, you just start coughing yet you are not unwell and it doesn’t stop until you wash it down again with some water or you actually speak up and say what you need to express? This coughing or blocked feeling is the throat trying to release the blocked vibration.

An unbalanced throat chakra can show up in many ways, sore throat, coughing, thyroid issues (the throat Chakra energy sites in line with the Thyroid), ear, shoulder or neck aches and jaw pain.

Our patterns of speaking up predominately stem from our upbringing and the era of our upbringing. Throughout the years there have been many different ‘accepted ways to speak or be heard’. ‘Children should be seen but not heard,’ ‘speak when you are spoken to,’ ‘it’s un-lady like to be loud,’ ‘she is only a child she is probably making it up’!

To the way of today where children are often asked and consulted about many things and parents aim to fulfill their child’s wants and desires. Children are also so exposed to everything from such a young age (social media etc) that they have a voice and opinion around so many topics and they are voicing it. There certainly has been a shift over time and universally at the moment there is a big opportunity to clear your throat Chakra energy, for some even if they feel they may not be ready.

Speaking from your heart

In the months of October and November you may have noticed there is a shift in how you or those around you may be speaking up. You might be finding it’s time to say things that you wouldn’t usually say or that you are learning to speak up and be less silent. You may feel a bit out of control of what you would normally say. You may be expressing yourself in more of an eruption of what you want to say when normally you’d hold back from saying anything. For example, if you have been suppressing something for some time then you might find you actually say things that you perhaps are not even sure you are ready to say. This may be a good time to reflect that life is happening for you rather than to you, and to always aim to speak from the heart. Alternatively however, if you have been speaking up and are feeling clear(er) with your communication you may be feeling you are more in your heart space and able to speak from your heart more easily at this time. The thing that often holds us back from speaking up is the emotional memory or trauma from an event early in life, where we learnt it was safer not to speak up, or speak our truth. It served us then but now repeating that pattern is usually restricting us from being the person we want to be and asking for what we want or don’t want. In the next ‘Fill Your Cup’ meditation session this Friday 4th November we will be focusing on letting go and releasing old patterns that are outdated and holding us back from speaking from our heart. Seeking to balance our throat Chakra energy and bring in a fresh energy by releasing the old. I invite you to join in When: Fill Your Cup Friday 4th November Time: 9.30 -10.30ish Where : YogaFarm 150 McCann Rd. Mt Duneed 3217 Book at: $20 to secure you place Any enquires for ‘Fill Your Cup Friday’ or if you would like to book a one on one consult please contact Sonja on 0407 558 216 or hit reply to With love and light always Big Love and Hugs Sonja

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

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