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What would your story be if you DID let go of your stories of the past ?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Create the Change You Want to BE In The World Many times at the completion of a client’s session, when the client has shifted and cleared the emotional trauma or feelings from the past, the first thing a client will often do, is try and find it again. Usually this is out of habit or familiarity of having carried that 'weight' for so long.

The trapped emotion held in the body has reinforced and supported ‘the story’ of the past, and the meaning that has been given to the story and how it has defined ‘us’.

Once it is lifted or shifted it can feel so unfamiliar without it. Although not wanting to feel that way anymore, usually there hasn't been any conscious connection to focus on how they want to be, think and feel moving forward prior to this. What will their story be if they don’t have the old one?

In session, there is always a focus on filling the ‘space within the mind/body where the emotional shift is felt’ with higher emotions including love and compassion, to create a move heartfelt feeling and from that the future vision and story.

There needs to be a new story created, to replace the old one. A new vision to replace the old vision, new thoughts and feelings to consciously think and feel differently each day, so that a shift can occur into a new way of being.

By creating a change in how we feel it becomes much easier to align our thoughts and way of being for the future.

By creating consciously how we think and feel about a situation, it supports creating the future vision from the present, rather than repeating the past. By creating a new vision and emotion in the mind/body and by feeling it consciously, we are choosing how you want to BE each day. This is a sure ‘fire’ way to create your new story.

Creating your new feelings and vision over and over will rewire your brain to train it to 'fire' different pathways and create, create, create what it is that lights you up….. What fills your cup!


This month’s 'Fill Your Cup Friday' session is focusing on exactly this,


We will connect inwards through meditation and be guided by what your inner wisdom brings forward for you to create for yourself moving forward. To see it, feel it and believe it, as if it’s already happening within you. So you create a future vision for yourself you want to live in to. There will be time for reflection and also space to share what comes up for you or just deep listening to others. The intention of the group is that each person is free to express themselves with the rest of the group engaging in deep listening without anyone creating a solution or suggesting a ‘fix’ for anyone else. We often find our own path and truth by being held in the space to speak from out heart out aloud and feeling safe to do so. It’s a time to be with yourself and others and tune in to what comes up for you. Bringing focus to what you are being called to for your future. Bringing the gift of connection to the present moment, as you witness others claim their future they are moving into also. Interested to be part of the journey? Come along and join in….. When: Fill Your Cup Friday 5th August Time: 9.30 -10.30ish Where : YogaFarm 150 McCann Rd. Mt Duneed 3217 Book at: $20 to secure you place Any enquires for ‘Fill Your Cup Friday’ or if you would like to book a one on one consult please contact Sonja on 0407 558 216 or hit reply to With love and light always

Big Love and Hugs Sonja

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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