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Case Study



Through Kinesiology you are supported to empower yourself to be the person you want to be.


Michelle’s Kinesiology Journey (Case Study)

At Michelle’s first session she was exhausted, running on empty, overwhelmed with life, she felt so depleted. She had tried everything to be a good wife, mother, friend, employee and now she had nothing left to give, not to herself or others.


Michelle was yelling at her children all the time, then feeling sorry for doing that and would try and be nice to make it up to them as she felt so guilty about ‘always taking things out on them'. Michelle’s husband worked long hours and was away from home a lot, when he was home he was always busy trying to look after and maintain the house and garden. Michelle was often on her own, doing everything, being a support to everyone but herself.

Michelle felt she was not enough, not doing enough, yet the more she tried the worse she felt. She literally felt abandoned


Each session we set up a goal for the ‘balance’, for Michelle it was how she wanted to be and feel different in her life after the session. ‘ I want to feel loved and cherished, even if everyone else is busy or annoying’


Initially, Michelle found it difficult to connect with herself, when asked questions she would respond “I don’t know”. 
There was a part of her that had abandoned herself. She wanted others to change as she felt the pain was coming from them.  


Initially Michelle would explain that if 'other people' would stop doing certain things life would be better as they're  the problem. When we explored what was triggering Michelle to feel that way, she could see and feel different about the person. Understanding that we can only change ourselves and how we feel, we cant change others, but we can change how we feel.


When we feel different and can see and approach life differently the outside world and those in it no longer remain and impact us the same.  


Using a variety of techniques from Kinesiology and Counselling Kinesiology, we focused on Michelle reconnecting with herself, getting back in her own flow, opening her Chakra’s to allow for her own energy to flow. We also used different cranial techniques to allow the connection from her head and heart to come alive again to further connect with herself. We connected in with Michelle's heart and allowed her love to shine through for herself.  


What we want from others we need to be able to offer and give to ourselves first.


Michelle began to release the feelings of ‘abandoned’ during the first session and through further sessions uncovered where that feeling had first began and how it had become a pattern in her life, of feeling unsupported. Through out our session we focused on Michelle building her 'self worth' to feel empowered to find her voice and share how she was feeling with her husband and family.


It was so important for Michelle to honour and acknowledge all the things she does do and all the qualities she does have. Through expressing herself from self-compassion, the conversation with her husband and family was not about blame, but rather a conversation of how she feels, what she needs and how she is now empowering herself to 'live her life' as well as be a support for others.  

Now Michelle feels empowered to follow her own passion and speak up, share her truth from compassion, even when things are not working out. Coming from a place of curiosity and inquiry rather than blame and guilt.

Life still has its ups and downs but it doesn’t have the triggers and patterns controlling Michelle as it did before. She feels different about things that previously bothered her, she has new tools and new ways to approach situations in life. 


She doesn’t have to be with people if she doesn’t feel they support her, she no longer makes herself available for everyone and herself last. Her friends and family noticed her changes and how happy she is now.


One of Michelle’s friends came for a Kinesiology balance in Torquay from Melbourne  as she said ‘I want what Michelle is having, she is so different, it’s amazing”.        


We all need to be heard and really feel listened to allowing us to express what is happening in our own life. It is important to really focus on ourselves to give ourselves permission to work through what the underlying reason or trigger and emotional attachment is and understand why we do the things we do.


Why we continue to make certain decisions, what is triggering us to repeat the patterns in life that don’t make us happy, the patterns we want to move away from, yet they still show up and often become a bigger and bigger issue, until we face them, understand them and finally feel and respond differently to them, due to no longer being triggered by them. 


It is so important for our health to be able to talk about our mental health. Let go of the past pain and trauma, so we can enjoy the present and create the future we want for ourselves.


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