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Consultation Information

When starting your holistic approach with Kinesiology, to gain optimum results a minimum of 2-3 consultations within a fairly close time frame is ideal to allow yourself the opportunity to work through your presenting issue(s) more deeply.
From there the time frame will vary from person to person as will the time frame for having a balance to maintain wellness and mindfulness to stay aligned.

For more long term issues, balances may be required at regular, more consistent intervals.  We can discuss this at your first consultation.


All consultations are strictly confidential

After the session

Take some time after the session to ground yourself and integrate the changes you have established in the consultation.

In beautiful Torquay, at the start of the Great Ocean Road on the Surf Coast, it is a lovely place to enjoy some time or even a walk along the beach after your Inner Purpose Healing session.

Please contact Sonja on 0407558216 if you would like an appointment out of  the regular hours listed in the calendar.

Zoom appointments are available please contact 0407 558 216 or connect at to book.

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