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Sonja Leon
  • Diploma of Kinesiology, 

  • Certificate IV Counselling Kinesiology

  • Ho'oponopono Practitioner

  • Master-Heart Practitioner

Registered Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner with Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA)

Sonja uses holistic, natural therapy techniques of Kinesiology and Counselling Kinesiology to ‘tap’ into your body and get to the heart of the issue through a number of treatment plans


​"I listen not only to what you say, but also what your body, mind and spirit has to say about the stress, anxiety and situations that have and are currently occurring in your life.  At ‘Inner Purpose’ the focus is on you and your needs to work through them so you can ‘Create your Inner Happiness’ through holistic, natural therapy and mindfulness.

Sonja uses the natural therapy of Kinesiology to re-align the bodies natural energy flow, innate wisdom and intelligence to support optimal health and well-being through holistic treatments.  This helps release old blocks and patterns of behaviour from the past so you are free to be your true light for yourself and others.  

"We often have some laughs but also sometimes tears as we release the old, so you can be sure we come together in a safe and trusting environment." 

I am of service to people from all areas via zoom and in person I am closest to the Surf Coast, Mt. Duneed, Armstrong Creek and all along the Great Ocean Road as well as the Greater Geelong region.  My holistic, intuitive natural therapy approach is a great way to release the old you and focus on a new, re-vitalized, happy, healthier you.

Currently located in Mt. Duneed at YogaFarm3217 and Torquay  

Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) is a natural therapy used to re-connect and re-align you with your Inner-Self.

To bring balance and natural healing so you feel clear and enjoy life, being able to see yourself ( and others ) in a new way for a more enriched life.      

"With the techniques of Kinesiology and Counselling Kinesiology we work together to ‘tap’ into your body and through this we can get to the heart of the issue that is maintaining the stress or anxiety in your life." Sonja Leon  

What is Kinesiology?

About Inner Purpose


Blessed for this Experience

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with you through some of my emotions. I have gained valuable lessons through our sessions and found calm when I needed it.

The joy and achievements in these first few weeks is amazing. I’ve overcome fear and found you when I really needed it.

You have a way of digging deep and extracting parts within the soul which could easily be lost.

I am blessed for this experienced and to have met you."


- Renee, Torquay


Warm and Intuitive

"I highly recommend Sonja for anyone who feels they need to destress and unwind.  At first I was unsure what Kinesiology was about but with an open mind realized it is a natural, holistic therapy that can assist to balance emotions and calm the mind.  I found Sonja to have a very warm and intuitive demeanor."


- Rachel, Torquay


My life Changed

"I have been seeing Sonja for approximately 6 months. From my first balance which was quite enlightening, my life changed, my anxiety subsided and I felt more grounded and as a result other areas of my life were clearer  and came together. I felt stronger and I have grown.
Her sessions are comfortable, warm and such a beautiful space to work in.

Kinesiology and working with Sonja has been a game changer for me. My life is more balanced and calm.

- Sandra, Torquay

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