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Benefits at Inner Purpose

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology works as a natural therapy to remove blocks that are within the body which create lack of energy and growth and are often reflected as some form of pain such as anxiety, stress, depression as well as physical pain. Looking at the body, mind, and spirit of a person holistically, we work to release the energy block and then support you to fill that space with something you choose, often self–acceptance or self-love to support being in alignment again.

Many people have not felt heard or understood during their life so taking this journey and being heard and supported, offers an amazing sense of release and compassion for yourself and is very natural and self-healing.

There are many areas in life Kinesiology makes a positive impact and difference through natural therapy including:

  • Communication and boundaries

  • Filling your own cup - Love and acceptance of yourself

  • Re-connecting with your Inner Child and healing the disconnect  

  • Promoting clarity of thought and decision making

  • Relief from long standing conditions such as pain, stress, depression and anxiety

  • Move towards creating courage and enthusiasm in your life

  • Spiritual growth – becoming aligned with your true life purpose

  • Dis-ease

  • Physical injury and pain

  • Assisting with learning


Kinesiology allows you to understand why you do the things you do and empowers you to have a renewed way of understanding and implementing all that you do in your life;

  • Gain confidence to be your true self, honouring yourself in all areas of life to pursue your dreams and passion.

  • Learn to take responsibility for self and release blame, shame, judgement, as it hurts you the most. Allow yourself to flow and grow.

  • Releasing stress and anxiety (the pressure of the past and future) allows inner peace to flow and live in a calmness with clarity.

  • Being present you can support yourself to make decisions of what is best for you not what you ‘should’ do. While still honouring others journey, so everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Have loving relationship where you connect with yourself and others and you feel love and acceptance.

When you change,

people around you can no longer remain the same

Benefits of Kinesiology

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