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When Our Wound Becomes Our Wisdom

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

When Our Wound Becomes Our Wisdom This Month our Fill Your Cup Friday gathering is on 2nd September at 9.30am and we will be focusing on the Solar Plexus energy, the 3rd Chakra. It is our Sun, our source of ‘Will’ and empowerment and where we fuel ourselves to bring courage and confidence to our life. This Chakra is the fire in our belly, it is where we shine our light from.

The Solar Plexus is also the place where we may hold a lot of emotional trauma that has often been suppressed from our childhood. It’s the place where our self-esteem and self-worth often presents from. So, if we have experienced trauma and not healed from it, it will have an impact on our sense of self and our ‘I AM ‘statements i.e. ‘I am not enough’ or ‘I am enough’.

We often live life in a way that keeps ourselves safe, to protect ourselves and our wound(s) so that we don’t have to face that fear and pain again. But living in this way impacts us, in being able to allow our own sun (light) to shine, our true self to be visible and our love of life to be enjoyed.

Protecting ourselves in this way may have been necessary at some stage in life, however it is very likely that the actual danger has now passed. We are older and wiser which makes it a very good time to heal the wounds of the past.

When we shift the perspective and the emotional attachment to the experience and view the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow, it will bring wisdom, 'knowing' and light into our life, as we are no longer living from the shadow aspect of self but rather from our ‘love and light’.

I am not saying it is always easy to heal from some of the traumatic events that occur in life. It can often require support from those that have trained and travelled the path before us. But when we experience the growth it is exciting to see the possibilities it opens up.

'I AM' - Empowering, Confident, Courage

When we heal from our wound(s) then what we find is it, (our healing wound) actually becomes our wisdom. The journey of healing and allowing ourselves to re-connect with our light, with our power, creates an inner confidence and courage from within. When we understand this we often find we want to bring our wisdom and light to others, as we want them to heal and feel this inner empowerment as well. You become complete with yourself, even with all the parts of you that you may have felt imperfect before. You become accepting of yourself just as you are and your ‘I AM’ statement is complete as it is. ‘I AM’ becomes a full sentence. We find we are less judgemental as often we judge others as we see the shadow parts of ourselves we are trying to hide showing up as reflections in them. A beautiful space to be in, in life, is offering the gift of being in our light, the same gift that the Sun offers us. It shines not for itself but for others, for Us, Mother Earth, the Moon…… The gift the sun offers, to shine regardless of what others say about it, is so powerful and we each have this potential within us also. When we feel empowered as the sun is, we let go of judgement of other and ourselves. We understand that when others judge us they are still on their healing journey (although we do still keep our boundaries in place). We shine our light and let go of how it is received, that’s out of our control. But if we are showing up in light and love that is the energy we will be shining for others too. If you would like to experience this journey through meditation, connection and reflection please join us: Fill Your Cup Friday

  • September 2nd September

  • 9.30am to 10.30ish

  • YogaFarm - 150 Mc Canns Rd Mt. Duneed

  • Books at

  • $20 to secure your place

I welcome you on the journey. If you have any enquires or would like to book a one on one consult with Sonja to delve deep into your own personal journey to reconnect with you light please contact Sonja on 0407558216 or

With love and light always Big Love and Hugs Sonja

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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