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This e-book will support you to understand some of the main reasons we stay stuck and how we can navigate through this, so as to process what is holding us from moving forward and then allow us to free ourselves from the past and live the future life we want.

Be the Light for Yourself and Others

At ‘Inner Purpose’ we connect with you to bring about clarity, balance and vitality in your life, by facilitating creative and positive emotional change for your Inner Happiness. 

We use a holistic focus and combination of 'Couselling Kinesiology,' as well as other modalities to uncover what is keeping you stuck or feeling depleted from connecting with the life you love and feeling connected with your purpose.


Reconnecting you with your self-worth, purpose & heart space
to be who you want to BE.   

Kinesiology being a natural holistic therapy is suitable for anyone at any age including children right through life. As long as we live we have a Purpose to fulfill everyday – BEING Happy in ourselves!!  


I find many of my clients come to understand and release emotional issues, around stress, anxiety, anger and also relationships – However there are many areas in life Kinesiology makes a difference.

Kinesiology is a great healing treatment for anyone who would like to make a positive change to their health and wellbeing. 


One step could be the ripple effect you need.

​Is Kinesiology RIGHT for you?

"The most incredible part of our journey together is how you have moved the energy that used to be attached to life experiences.

I used to get such strong physical responses from just thinking about things that have happened in my life.....

Now I can think of them and nothing!!!!

No shaking, no heart racing, no teeth chattering, no anxiety......

Anna - Torquay 

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