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Wow...... What a start to 2020!!

20/20 Vision - be clear on your intention to create the ripple effect you want

20/20 Vision

Reflecting on all that has already happened in 2020 this year is going to be one to shape our lives. I hope you are clear and ready to support not only yourself but also others to find their light, through our own leadership and taking responsibility for ourselves.

2020 is a year to focus on what is important to us. Having 20/20 vision to see with clarity what we are moving towards. Old structures are crumbling and breaking down and new structures will take their place to support the change the world is moving towards. Being clear about what is important to us, both personally and globally will support the shift that is required, to move to a more loving connected energy and world.

January 10, was the first full moon of 2020 and with it, drew out the opportunity to have situations occur for us on that day and over the last few days that really presented areas we need to focus on during this year. Can you remember how Thursday and Friday was for you? Over the week-end did you notice the same patterns or message being repeated in similar situations?

For me, I could feel I was in in it and also see it happening to me, so it was as if I was looking at myself from a distance, like a lighthouse, to shine a light on what it is I need to focus on. One of the areas that become very clear for me was to speak up and say what is important to me at the time. Say it, don't let my inner voice tell me it doesn't matter or I will just fix it after so as not to cause ripples. It's time to cause ripples, time to speak up with kindness and compassion, be responsible for what is important. Create your ripple of change and send it out into the world with love. Embrace that part of you that wants to come out and be seen, its the year for clear 20/20 vision.   

Need support to let go of your old patterns and allow your vision to come through clearly, or not sure what vision is yet? I can support you with that, feel free to call or book an appointment to get clear early in the year to make the changes and the ripple effects you want to make in this defining year ahead.

Create the Ripple Effect you want with love and leadership

With Love & Gratitude

Sonja Leon

Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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