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Why Stay Unwell If It's Possible To Heal?

Are There Benefits To Being Unwell ?

When we are unwell and we know there are options available to us to support our healing, why is it that we don’t take these options? What stops us?

There are a few answers to this question really, but the one I am focusing on today is a tricky one, it’s when we sabotage ourselves from actually achieving what we think we want. It is not something we consciously think about or do but it does occur.

So why stay that way? What are the benefits or payoff that come with being unwell or a certain way?

But.....How can there be benefits to be being unwell, overweight, unfit, angry as a first response and so on? Why if there is something that is not ideal for ourselves and we don’t like it, do we keep it?

One of the best ways to describe this is by example, if someone is sick or generally unwell or immobile etc, and they DO have the means and the potential to be able to improve but they don’t, what benefits are they attached to that are greater for them to stay unwell than heal and live ‘well’?

If they were fully capable and could get around and move about, perhaps no one would come and visit them, they would be alone even more often than they are now. They may believe or feel that while they are in this ‘condition’ people will call after them, fuss about them and that they can talk about themselves more often. The spotlight is on them when people come together, they actually have people to talk to and people asking about them, they feel supported and acknowledged. However, if they were not in this ‘condition’ then this would be unlikely to occur the same…...

Often this has become a subconscious thought pattern, that we don’t even realise we have been or are doing. So, if we want to change the question needs to be something like this…

What do I need to change, so I can create my life and have the people and experiences that support and acknowledge me AND have my health and wellness as well?

Shifting From Feeling Stuck Is A Step-By-Step Process

Creating this change will definitely take us out of our comfort zone and we may be feeling so stuck that we don’t even know were to begin. It is definitely a step-by-step process, that we can journal, talk about or reflect on what we like about our life and then explore and try different ways to bring it into our world. If you are feeling stuck in this area, I can also support you to identify what is keeping you from moving forward, as during our sessions we often explore and connect with what is holding you in old beliefs that you may not even recognise or see a possible way forward from to create change. By supporting ourselves first, life will also support us and show us options to pursue. Another important part is to share with others so they know that we want to change and are willing to change also, some will support us more than others but don't be deterred, as effectively you are asking for new opportunities and people to come into your life. Remember that the first person who needs to support you is you, to create change we need to be willing, even if we don’t have it all figured out. It’s a journey and like any journey we don’t see the end at the beginning but we have the destination in mind and need to keep moving towards it. Until next time Big love and hugs Sonja If you would like further support in this area of life or feel stuck emotionally about something else..... Please just reach out, connect with me, Sonja 0407 558 216 or book an appointment at

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

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