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When Talking Is Not Enough

'When Is It Time To Transform Those Stories'?

Have you ever noticed that some people tell the same story over and over, and even when you remind them that they have already told you that story, they don’t remember they’ve told YOU, and yet they still feel compelled to finish the story? The story holds so much emotion and judgement to it, that it just can’t be kept in. This is more than just blowing of steam with a girlfriend over coffee, the purpose of it is not seeking advice, but to let it out. I find that if a story gets repeated more than 3 times, a story about how ‘you’ feel about something or someone and you find the question that comes up is ‘Why did this happen ‘TO ME’’, but you never really wait, or seek the answer, it’s time to stop repeating that same story, stop talking and take action. At this point is where you either stay stuck, depleted and exhausted by the experience(s) and keep looking outside of yourself for the answers, or you decide to delve (a little) deeper and connect in with yourself on an emotional level. This shifts us from being in the victim archetype, which we all have within us, and opens us up to the opportunity to empower ourselves, to see why this experience keeps coming around, what is it we need to see or learn from it.

This is a very different conversation. One that needs to be taken within.

It can be through journaling, or meditation, being still and having a conversation with our higher self to enquire about the answers or guidance we seek.

With this new insight we can choose to take it a step further and ‘Re-frame’ or use ‘Tapping’ E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) to support shifting the energy also, these are but a few techniques to support the shift and start to create the change around the energy of the story.

The Body Holds The Emotions...

It’s a common belief that our head keeps our emotional memories, but it is actually the body that holds the emotional experience. Different parts of our body hold different memories and the emotions attached to them, so just talking about an emotional situation through our thoughts and intellect is only one part of the process to shift it.

The real shift in the experience occurs when we shift the emotion trapped in the body, allowing it to release, letting go and shifting how we feel about what occurred and replacing it with what we want to hold in our body, which is always something higher like love and compassion, rather than fear, shame or anger that has been held there previously.

From here our story becomes very different, we either don’t feel we need to tell that story anymore or if we do, we tell it from a very different place, one of empowerment, reflection and growth.

It can be difficult to face our fears, anger and hurt alone, that is usually why we keep repeating the story but resist making the shift to clear the emotional attachment to it, which is where I can support you. This is what I do - I work with clients who are ready to release the emotion to the story keeping them stuck in the past, in emotional pain.

Clients who maybe are not even really feeling ready but willing to start the journey of healing their past to move into a future where they feel alive and purposeful and free to expand, be seen, accept themselves and connect with more love and compassion for themselves and in the world.

If you are feeling stuck, depleted or exhausted and need support to shift how you are feeling to create a happier you, please connect with me by hitting ‘reply’ to this email, calling me on 0407 558 216 or booking an appointment at Until next time we connect Big Love and Hugs Sonja xo

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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