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Going Next Level

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

'Focusing on Connection'

It's been a busy week for sure. For me water has been pooling in our ceiling, which has softened and bubbled the plaster in an area of the house, the electricity connection in my clinic has been severed, unexpectedly I needed new tyres for my car and then my business email got hacked…… I am not sharing this with you to complain. Not at all!!! When my email got hacked, I finally stopped, took some time to reflect to see what the message is that I need to hear, understand and act on. So I asked myself… What was happening here? Why is this happening? I reflected on what the signs and events meant for me. When water presents in situations or dreams in a significant way, it is representing Emotions. So with the water starting to show up and bubble through the plaster, I looked at that as my emotions can no longer remain suppressed or pooled in one place, it is time to really connect with what is occurring, what needs to come out, what emotions need to be free to flow in the ‘right’ way? The electricity being cut off, electricity is energy, it is what connects us, we are all energy and as it’s in my business space, I asked myself, What am I cutting off/out; or not connecting with, within myself and to others? Then the tyres needing to be renewed on my car, I see this as needing to get ‘traction' with what I want in life. What do I really need to connect and get rolling with, with ‘traction’? Having my email hacked I felt exposed, more visible as well as the feeling of not being safe or in control. So I asked myself what is this telling me ? What do I want that I am not doing, and I need to get on with? What are all these signs that are extensions of me, that are presenting in my physical world showing and telling me?

What is your calling?

Finally it became clear, all year I have felt called to develop and launch a course to learn about and support ‘Forgiveness’. I also want to connect in within the prison system to offer and do meditation in there. I have had some leads, but have not gone full steam ahead with it yet.

WHY! Doing this is ‘Going Next Level’, so I have been holding off. As going next level also brings ‘next level’ fears and unknowns and uncomfortable growth. Each time we want to ‘Go next Level’ our stories from the past, our emotional blocks, are fear of being seen, not looking good/clever, not knowing enough, whatever it is, comes around again. We have meet them all before and it is time to step into it and connect, clear (the blocks) and transform again to get to the ‘Next Level’.

Have you noticed this for yourself? Is there something you have been holding off on this year that could possibly still get started, or that needs letting go of that you have still been holding on to?

Life is a spiral.... our lessons keep coming around

Life Is a Spiral

To be honest, life is not lived on levels, it is a spiral which wraps around and comes tighter, which is just like life and the lessons we experience, as we grow we may likely get a similar lesson to increase our love and learning . I have booked the electrician, my tyres are changed, email updated and plastering being looked at. While working on the external, it is also time to align within and work on clearing those blocks, to create the experience of what I am being called to do. I have been using some of my favourite ‘Tapping or E.F.T’ meditation and journaling tools to support this. What links the timing of all of this is the 2nd full moon on October 31st. The second one is a rare blue moon, and the energy of the month has started and is finishing strongly with the message of : It’s time to clear out the old energy and bring in and BE what you want to 'be' moving forward. This new moon is a Karmic shift, it’s the start of us moving from physical and earth energy to air energy, so it is calling all of us to see the signs, whatever they are for each of us, where we need to rise up and go higher, to our 'Next Level'. Air is about communication and energy (waves). There is so much possibility moving forward and we are all being asked to let go of the old, see it, but not live into it. Start creating our passion and dreams. If you are finding you are not clear on your signs or what is happening and would like support to clear those emotions or experiences that have been holding you from ‘Going next Level’ please connect with me or make an appointment so we can explore, unravel and release them.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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