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Support Yourself From Feeling Overwhelmed

The Pain Remains As Long As We Take Things Personally

Have you ever had the experience in life where something happened and you heard yourself say “I can never forgive myself or ‘that person’ for what happened”?

I have definitely had this occur in life, where I was so hurt or ashamed of what happened that the story and the emotions attached to the event just stayed with me for years and played over and over in my head and it impacted the way I felt physically too, I would feel sick just thinking about it. Eventually 'it' subsided from the forefront of my mind, but anytime the story came back so did all the emotions, my head would go over it again and my body, which holds the memory, would feel it all over again aw well.

Over time, as I delved deeper it became clear, that what I needed to understand and it is true for all of us, that the pain remains as long as we take things personally or literally.

How else can you take these significant experiences in life you might ask?


So when I start to feel overwhelmed, or feeling that I am loosing my power, (by that I mean my own internal life energy that keeps me grounded and centered, creative and allowing myself to shine and be seen), I need to remember that I have certain lessons to learn and experiences to have during my life and therefore, I am going to be taken out of my comfort zone, uncomfortable things are going to happen and it is through these experiences that I will gain my biggest lessons, learn and grow from the experience and ideally, ultimately rise up and fulfill what it is I came here to do.

So the lessons I need to learn are going to be presented by someone and if I don't learn it from that person it will present again by someone else, until I learn (and honour my agreement) in the experience.

We actually make agreements (on a higher level) to share lessons and experiences with each other throughout our life and the experience can occur in many different ways, they are not set or predetermined how they play out, but the agreements are set .

NB: Sometimes these experiences are very painful and by no means am I saying the way the lesson is presented should just be accepted or is okay.

Being the witness or observer

Being The Lighthouse

So when I think ‘Someone did something to (wrong) me’, or ‘Why is this person in my life?’ I need to become the ‘Witness’ the ‘Observer’ to the event, of my own life.

Take a step away from what ‘literally’ happened and become like a ‘lighthouse,’ not invested in it or the outcome but rather shining a light on ‘what is’ so as to see clearly and without the emotional attachment to it, which allows for a deeper view and understand.

To have a conversation with myself asking ‘What is it I need to know or learn from this?’ Why is this occurring? What do I need to understand or know about myself from this situation?

Looking at it from this view point it is not about who is right or wrong. By taking the view of the observer or witness we gain the insight of what occurred for ourselves and also why the other person behaved that way too.

It is often at this point where we can start to find or build compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and the other person. Through our understanding of the situation and removing the emotional attachment and ego, or need to be right, we can see how we can grow, learn and find compassion to rise up from ‘it’.

I have had to sit with myself a few times in life and really understand what “IS the message, the lesson, I need to understand and learn from as a result of some, less than great experiences I have had in life.

At times I needed support and guidance from others to listen and be a support, which I now offer you. Although we retain the memory, we can release the physical emotional attachment to it and see it from a clearer perspective, less personally attached and as such, the memory will look different.

We are better equipped to see what’s occurring and to stay grounded, centred and in our power even though life is presenting us with these lessons to acknowledge, our agreements which are often challenging.

If you need support to understand or clear the emotional attachment to some of life’s adventures, lessons, curve balls or feelings of being let downs, I can support you with that.

Please just reach out, connect with me, Sonja 0407 558 216 or book an appointment at

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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