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Reflecting, Releasing, Renewing.

Updated: May 31, 2020

New Moon energy is a time to start or refine your goals

Reflecting, Releasing, Renewing.

I hope you are traveling well during this time and that being at home (or at least having less external commitments) has offered an opportunity to pause and reflect in some way.

Reflecting on what you value in life and what you would like more of moving forward. As well as reflecting on what was previously considered important or ‘must do’s’ but now looking at it, no longer holds the same intensity, interest or value.

What is it that you would like more of in life, for yourself, those close to you and the entire world? What are you ready to release, to allow something new into that space or perhaps to go deeper within?

To support these reflections, I welcome you, to join me on an intuitively led mediation session, which will focus on reflections and new beginning in line with the New Moon energy.

The New Moon is the darkest time through the entire moon cycle, the time just before the new moon is the ending of a cycle. This is especially relevant at this time, as we start to transition from being 'within' our homes, almost a type of hibernation period. It's important to ask ourselves, how do we want to stay connected to ourselves and also connect with the rest of the world?

The New Moon energy itself is the time to ‘plant the seeds’ the time to connect within. What it is that resonates within us, moving us forward on our path? What do we want to shine our light on?

Mediation will be held on

Friday 22nd May 2020

Time 11am

Via zoom

Please just hit 'reply' to this email to request access to confirm you will be attending. I very much look forward to seeing you there.

Meditating & Connecting From Our Heart

I am hosting this meditation session as part of a course I am currently enrolled in, which focuses on ‘Heart Centred Connection’. I am really enjoying connecting further into my own heart energy and feeling the freedom that comes from living life from my heart space. Allowing myself to come from my heart, more than the logical thinking mind all the time, supports me to be present and enquiring, being guided rather than trying to control. When coming from the heart it moves the focus away from ‘right and wrong’ and being attached to certain outcomes and instead, placing the focus on aligning with being in my flow. Letting go of old stories that are stopping or hindering me from supporting myself moving forward. It’s true to say these old beliefs may have supported me in the past, but not anymore. It really is a daily practice that is ongoing. I need to be present, to be aware when I am going into fear, stress or trying to control life. Leading from the heart moves away from stress and anxiety and the need to have it all figured out and controlled. I hope you have been able to offer yourself some time in meditation and your heart space as well during this time, to continue to shine your light. I am very much looking forward to hosting the New Moon meditation on Friday and hope that you will be able to join as well. The more we all come together the higher we raise the vibration for ourselves and others, supporting us all to shine.

Please know, that if you feel you need to talk or share, I am available for a chat please feel free to get in contact at or 0407 558 216.

If you are finding you would like to sort through some old patterns, beliefs or frustrations you are facing, I am still available via online consultations (and hopefully back in clinic soon) to support you.

If you are finding you would like to clear some old patterns, beliefs or frustrations you are facing that are keeping you stuck, I am still available to support you via online consultations as well.

With Love & Gratitude

Sonja Leon

Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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