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Reflecting and Moving Forward

Reflecting and Moving Forward

Congratulations on making it through 2020, however it is you showed up...... slowing down, reflecting, decided what was important to keep in your life, what to let go of and even what you introduced in honour and support of yourself. We all learnt about ourselves (and others) this year, reflecting, sitting with ourselves, even when it has been uncomfortable and also navigating our own transition through it all.

In My first blog for 2020, I talked about the focus and energy of 2020 being about breaking down old structures and that certainly happened.

So now, moving forward into 2021 we will still experience these old structures breaking down, however it is very much a cycle for new beginnings - some might say a birth or re-birth, where we start again, with a new cycle of energy, which will bring with it significant changes.

One of the most significant changes is the shift from 'ME' energy, to the energy of 'WE'. This is exciting as it will create a change to more collaboration and humanitarian work. Rather than the collective mindset being about the individual, the mindset of 'what is mine is mine' is starting to evolve to be more sharing, connective and inclusive.

On December 21st 2020, there is a major shift in astrological energy, I am no expert in this area, but I find it very useful to stay in tune with it. Understanding what is occurring in the energy of the world, (universe), and as we are all energy, what is happening 'out there' is also happening within us and what is occurring within us will also have an impact on the energy of the collective (out there). So being aware of what is occurring energetically, we are more equipped to respond rather than react to life, to not take things personally and have compassion for ourselves and others.

Gift yourself some time on December 21st to support your own shift into this new cycle of 'Air' energy. Take time to meditate, ideally in a group. As well as this energy, shift the the Solstice energy is also with us at this time. This is a beautiful opportunity to really connect and focus on what is important for you moving forward, what is it you would like to manifest for yourself and all of humanity?

BE BOLD, manifest and call in your life purpose, happiness, love and light, whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Then keep that focus and intention and allow the universe to create with you.

Happy Christmas


May the Christmas and holiday season support the love, joy, happiness and kindness you hold within your heart and allow it to shine for yourself and that others may experience this also. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your year. I love to share and offer insight, connection and healing so you feel supported to BE you and live the life you love.

Take Care & Love Big

I look forward to continuing to connect with you through consults, blogs, Instagram and Facebook. Please feel free to connect with me if you would like support to shift any emotional stress or anxiety that is stopping you from being in your flow and love for life.

Above All Have Fun Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year To YOU!

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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