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New Years Resolutions... Why are they so hard to commit to?

Happy New Year

As a new year begins, we tend to set or at least think about things we want to change and make New Year Resolutions for the year ahead. Why then, if we want them is it so hard to get motivated and generate the will power ongoing, we think, will make the changes we need for our best life........?

The change needed is not where we initially think it is… As it is not the physical things that need changing first.

It is the unconscious patterns, beliefs and stories, the things we can’t see, but feel or may even have become numb to, as a way of coping, that are the key to letting go, releasing, forgiving or even finding compassion for, that start the change that is needed on the inside to create the change we are seeking on the outside.

One of the biggest New Years’ Resolutions is to lose weight or become fit and healthy and we all know HOW to do it. The important conversation to have with ourselves then, is WHY and WHAT is stopping us?

Did you know for many women when we connect with the real reason women don’t lose weight is because, deep down, when they felt attractive, free or their ideal weight, they received unwanted attention at various degrees and this fear, shame or guilt, still sits within and is the driving force that blocks the change.

Transformation occurs from the Inside to be sustainable

Change Needs To Occur From Within

Changing how we feel on the inside, feeling empowered, nurtured, cared for, listened to…. allows for change to occur. To release the shame, pain or fear and find our courage our self-esteem again, to be the person we know we are yearning to BE, to shine our light and BE ourselves. 2020 has given us time to reflect on ourselves, however that presented, it may have been in the things we found frustrating or in our alone or quiet time. We will have some ideas what we want to change and bring forward for ourselves and this year is the ideal time for just that. May 2021 be your year to honour yourself, as when we are in a good place we can also support others, which is a lovely gift to share with the world. The focus in life is moving more and more to a collective energy, so share your joy, your journey and your empowerment, so others can grow from it also!

Wishing you a year of hope, happiness, kindness and gratitude with lots of success.

If you would like further support to release those old energies that are holding you back from your best life or if you would like to connect with me, to talk through what's happening for you, and receive one to one support to move through the feelings of being stuck in certain emotions or experiences please get in touch. Appointment are available here or contact Sonja on 0407 558 216.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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