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Moving From Being Excluded to Accepted And Belonging

Moving towards 'We' Rather than 'Me'

I have noticed a theme from clients at the moment (but it has always been around) of being excluded, judged or left out for being who we are or because of what you have done, or do.

Who we are is a gift from the universe, we definitely have certain lessons to learn during our life and these often challenge other peoples and even our own beliefs.

Beliefs are something we hold very close to our hearts, as if they are an absolute truth. But a belief is just that, it is a belief and can be changed. Our beliefs have become our guide post and what we rely on to keep us included and accepted.

Beliefs are initially introduced from our family and our early years, a time where we don’t question anything we just see it as they way life is. We see and learn what is ‘acceptable’ in the community and at home and then we defend that rigorously in many instances…..until or unless we feel they are not a good ‘fit’ for us or we just can’t fit into that 'ideal', (any longer).

However if we don’t ‘fit in’ with other peoples beliefs, stereo types (or even our own expectation of ourselves), life can feel very excluding, alienating, judgemental and lonely. As such many of us only share certain parts of ourselves to the world as we try and navigate the conflicting aspects of life of trying to fit in, while at the same time embracing our uniqueness and our own way of being.

Why have these feeling of being excluded, judged and not ‘fitting in’ being highlighted now more and more? Its no doubt in line with the change that is occurring with the universal energy right now, the shift that more and more people are moving towards. Moving from Me to We.

The old structures of the more solid structured earth energy is in the past, we all felt and lived that transition occur last year. Now as we are moving more towards creating how we want to show up in the world, who we want to be, what we are a stand for, how we want to live and connect with our community and go with the flow more freely, we want to feel connection, community, unity.

It is now (time) for us to decide how to move forward and with that to also let go of limited beliefs others have tried to (or did) apply on us. So we can feel an acceptance for ourselves and others and integrate with love, compassion and forgiveness.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping Points

Tapping on 'Being Excluded to Belonging & Accepted'

To support in shifting these feelings of being excluded, lonely, misunderstood and not accepted towards belonging, feeling loved and accepted,I have included a (E.F.T) Tapping Sequence to support this transition. Before you start rate how you feel about being excluded and not belonging out of 0-10. 0 being in complete bliss and feeling fully loved and accepted, 10 relating to not fitting in at all and feel completely judged and excluded from life. Take a deep breath in and out and then repeat the statements after me or read and tap on the points listed. When you have finished the round take a deep breath in and out and then notice if the score you gave yourself before has changed eg gone lower or stayed the same. If it has stayed the same or the number only lowered a little bit, do another round of tapping (E.F.T) to shift the blocked emotion that is being held there or say something more specific to yourself, notice where you had a thought for yourself about something that has come up in your past and Tap on that to release and let it go.

Great for Children Also

This is also great for children to support them in their journey. If you can’t entice them to say the whole sequence they can just tap on the side of their palm ( karate chop point) saying 3x or more ‘I completely love and accept myself, all is well in my world’, try it as they go to bed or get out of the car or house before school. Love to hear how you go or if there is something else you would like to dive into in the blogs. Until next time Big love and hugs Sonja If you would like further support in this area of life or feel stuck emotionally about something else..... Please just reach out, connect with me, Sonja 0407 558 216 or book an appointment at

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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