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Listening and being heard actually starts with ourselves.

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Have you ever thought about that voice inside your head that talks, the mental ‘chatter’ that goes on?

Listening to your own GPS

It's the voice from the past giving opinions and judgement trying to protect us from any hurt, using past experiences as its information source. It often says things like ‘I’m not good enough' (to get that promotion) or ‘What will people say if I change and follow my dream?' 'What if I fail? Everyone will tell me I told you so.’ It is the voice that keeps us small.

However, there is also a far more subtle voice that we hear (but don’t always listen to), and it doesn’t necessarily repeat itself over and over like the ‘mental chatter’ voice, it isn’t loud but it is there. Your inner voice of guidance, your intuition. It is often the first voice we hear and then the mental chatter comes in, so then we start to doubt the first voice. The mental chatter voice is like the wheel that squeaks the loudest, but not the most worthy of our attention.

Intuition speaks with purpose, it is clear and concise Our intuitive or inner voice is the one that guides us, speaking with clarity and direction, Our intuitive voice comes from the heart, it is our higher consciousness. It is the voice that when we listen and take action from this place, we find fulfilment, purpose and are less impacted emotionally as we live more in the present, not from the past. Trusting in your higher self, stress and anxiety of the future will not present as it has previously, as you will be able to witness it rather than react to it.

Trust, listen and tune in Following your intuition is not always easy, however it is leading you to a life you love. It is like following your GPS to a wonderful place in the mountains, you can’t see it at the beginning, and you trust you will get there as you have set your coordinates (intentions) in the GPS. You listen and follow the directions as you travel along. The road to get to the top of the mountain may be, rough, winding, narrow, even on the edge at times, but you continue and when you get there you will be in awe of the view from where you now stand. This is the same journey between yourself and your intuition. When you get there everyone will want to know how you did it!

Mediation is a great way to quieten down the chatter and go within, to hear your inner guidance.

Allowing time as often as you can, ideally daily to just go within and ask yourself – What do I need to know for myself today? Then listen for what comes up. Take a few minutes after the meditation to journal, to ground and bring into the physical what you heard. Listening and hearing. Then take action. On the go The more in tune you become the more you will hear your intuition. You can tune in at anytime, anywhere.

Stop, take a breath in and out and ask your higher self a question – Listen for the answer and once you hear it proceed from there. It can assist greatly to put your hand on your heart as you ask, as that way you are connecting with your heart centre and asking from 'heart space'. Voice still chattering If you find the ‘chatter voice' is overwhelming and you would like to release that repetitive cycle of chatter that goes on from past events or emotions the ones that are just not letting go. If you would like to calm your mind and hear yourself more clearly, get on with your journey, the life you love give me a call on 0407 558 216 and book an appointment today. My joy is seeing others not just survive but thrive.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose #awakeninnerhappiness

Awaken your Inner Happiness Be the Light for yourself & Others

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