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Let Yourself Dream Big....Now Embrace Your Inner Wisdom To Bring Them To Life

Let Yourself Dream Your Big Dreams

It’s getting close now to another year end and I wanted to ask you, did you embrace your dream or New Year’s goal you gave yourself this year?

If you did, congratulations!!!!! I’d love to hear about it so please reply here and let me know all about it!

If not, ask yourself what stopped you?

Was it a story that you have played over and over (potentially for years) and you are still stuck in that story?

Was it that you felt blocked to move beyond yourself to actually create the change you wanted for yourself?

Was it the 'circumstances' of 2021?

Was it something else?

One of the key things we have had the opportunity to reflect on this year is to let go of ‘stuff’ to connect with what is important to us and what is not as important as we perhaps thought and to make space and create what we do want. This is not only ‘stuff’ in our houses but in our life, our heads, relationships and so on.

The good news is, the year is not over and you can still get underway, get started, maybe even complete it. Don't wait until next year! Connect with it, see it, feel it, believe in your dream, take action.

Then if there is something blocking you from it coming into your reality ask your Inner Wisdom, what you need to shift, release or understand to let that go so you can shift it from ‘a dream’ into reality? What energetic change or belief/story do you need to bring in, to create the change?

We still have to do the work, but if we feel it is out of our reach or our reality it will stay there, outside of us.

We need to get familiar with the feeling, for example if you want a new car, then go and look at that car, sit in it, test drive it (often), take photos, look at the photos, remember how happy you feel in it, so it becomes something you feel is in ‘your energy’ in your reality, rather than out of it and out of reach. Notice the stories you tell yourself, that try and block you and work on releasing them, changing them to a story that does work with your dream and new reality.

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom To Bring Your Dreams To Life

All year, I have been talking about developing a course and I have, however it didn't feel finessed and finished. I had been seeking assistance however this too either didn't align with others or the timing was not right but I kept on the journey and connecting with it. In my morning meditation I’d visualise myself presenting workshops and courses and feeling it as if I was really there with a room full of ladies,excited, keen and ready to embark on the course. I went to different information sessions about courses and tried them out then finally I came across the support I felt really aligned with me...... & my training is coming up in December Yippee!! So I’m in with my goal this year AND I am really looking forward to it. It has taken most of the year, but there is still time and I am excited to be onto the next step in my journey. I look forward to sharing more shortly. But for now, I ask you to seize your dream, and keep it real and if you are feeling blocked or stuck or can’t understand what’s blocking you, tune in to the messages within yourself. We have so many answers inside of us of, it can just me a matter of becoming still, tuning in, listening to the answers/guidance we seek or to the questions we ask and then moving again from there. Keep moving….. However, if you feel you need support to move beyond what is keeping you stuck and understand what's stopping you from connecting with your dream, I’d love to work together to support you to clear the stories or emotional barriers/blocks that are keeping you separated from your dream and to support you to bring your dream & vision to reality. Breaking new ground is fun, exciting, (scary) liberating and a massive self-confidence boost as well. Are you up for that! Hope so!! Get going now!!!!. There is NO time like THE PRESENT ! To connect with Sonja for a chat or to book in your consult sessions with me directly please contact 0407 558 216 or With love and light Until next time we connect Big Love and Hugs Sonja

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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