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I'm Feeling So Stuck Lately

Feeling Stuck, Exhausted and Overwhelmed

I am feeling so stuck!

I‘m hearing this a lot at the moment and understandably so.

There is no going back and yet for many, there is uncertainty about how to move forward; it’s like we’re stuck between two worlds. We are literally still standing in, or only just starting to clear, the rubble of the breakdown of what was.

From 2017 to 2024 there is a significant energy shift with the world (and beyond) and how we shift ourselves, our energy, our beliefs and how we show up, is a guide to how the world energy will be, we are walking that bridge or transition now.

What you may be feeling is a need to clear ‘things’ out, make space, connect with your heart and create. There may also be some reoccurring questions that if we are really truthful, we may be asking ourselves…

What is it I actually want to be and do in my life?

What is it that would create fulfillment and purpose for me?

For many, we have worked out what we don’t want, but how do we create and shape our future for what we do want? This mix of energy can feel really difficult and create the feelings of being stuck and overwhelmed.

It is definitely time to question and be curious, try things out, listen to our heart and inner guidance, our intuition. Follow those inspirations, enquire and see where we are being guided to go, see where our ‘next opportunity’ could potentially be.

Tune In To Your Heart... Allow It To Guide You

As part of this change, the universal energy is quickening also to allow for ancestral healing to occur faster than it has before. It’s not only our DNA that is passed down, it is also the beliefs, emotional trauma and stories from our families and society. It’s important to allow yourself to finally put the past in the past, to evolve, to release the ‘old energy’ on an energetic level, which is often through the wisdom of love, compassion, kindness and being able to forgive.

As many are feeling stuck there is a tendency to try to hang on to the ‘old energy’, so this may be a good time to notice what is not working, where you are feeling pushed and pulled at the same time, where you see yourself repeating the same patterns and yet you know they are not working for you, in fact they may be bringing you feelings of angry, sadness, frustration, being alone and unhappy. So, take time to reflect and focus on these feelings, to see what sits beneath them so that they can be released.

Tune into your heart and allow it to guide you, follow its lead, its flow. Be what you love. Look at what ‘stories’ you can change your thoughts and energy around. What can you shift that is not aligning with who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world?

Sit in the ‘stuckness’ for a little while and see what it shows you, what is it that you need to yet understand to release? Then allow it to shift, to clear, so you can bring clarity to what you want to be moving forward to, what brings you joy? Have a conversation with your higher (self) voice about this.

Need support to do that?

I can support you to transform the energy of the past, so you can clear it, feel differently about it and let it go. Rather than holding on to the emotion of experiences from the past that have kept you feeling stuck and overwhelmed, let’s give them a voice and then release them, find the empowerment that comes from freeing yourself (and your ancestral history) from the past, allowing for clarity and curiosity for the future.

If this resonates with you, simply reply to my email, call me on 0407 558 216, or book an appointment at

Look forward to creating your future together.

Until next time

Big love and hugs


With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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