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I Don't Need Your Permission To Live My Life

'I Don't Need Your Permission To Live My Life'

How powerful is this statement!

I heard this the other day and thought how relevant it is to so many aspects and areas of our life;

The child and parent relationship, especially as children grow older

The relationship we have with our inner critic – (the voice developed from our past experiences)

Partners, Friends and Family and what they expect from us or assume is best for us

The ideals from society of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

The expectations, judgements, and control from others are often coming from a place of wanting to keep us safe and protected from experiencing and feeling the hurt, lack of love or acceptance that they felt from past experiences themselves.

While the intention is often to attempt to create boundaries for safety and protection, these boundaries often become barriers. Although the source giving it feels it is coming from love, it is really coming from a place of fear. Either the other persons fear, or your own inner critics, and it can come across as constant judgement, lack of trust and empowerment and that there is little belief the person is capable to create their future without this extra voice of ‘wisdom or guidance’.

Whenever we feel or hear these critics or inner voices, try to become conscious and create a stand for ourselves. We can say something like ‘Thank-you, I believe you are just trying to offer me your best, but I am ready to live my own life, in a way that makes me feel fulfilled, (I don’t need your permission to live my life)’.

This also gives everyone the opportunity to be reminded that love and acceptance, when given truly from the heart, is unconditional. To find this sometimes requires healing through forgiveness, compassion and extra self-love to move towards this feeling and understanding.

Give Yourself Permission

When those voices and people are put aside, we get the opportunity to truly RISE UP, meet ourselves and give ourselves permission to GO FOR IT. The freedom and experience is liberating!

It is a process though and does take conscious discipline, which can be a mixture of new tools and techniques as well as shifting how we feel, so we no longer get triggered by the events and judgement that we previously did, and live our life fulfilled, even if other people doesn't change.

This is the area I can support you with; accepting yourself, filling your own cup and truly standing in your own truth and empowerment, to live a life without permission from others.

We need to give ourselves permission to speak up from love, to honour our truth, gifts and talents, and share them with the world, to be ‘that’ person and inspire others too.

When we shift how we feel on the inside and can see what is really playing out, through fear, we can feel free from others’ opinions, judgement and attempt at control, even if they keep trying to put it on us. When we feel empowered within ourselves, we will either not be bothered by their comments (or our own), letting the comments go, no longer be triggered by the comments, or perhaps even let the relationship with the person (or our old belief) go. You might decide that it’s not a relationship that is supporting you to grow and glow.

It’s time to speak our truth & rise up which will take each of us to be responsible for ourselves, as well as for some, to stop trying to ‘fix’ another & heal themselves. If you’d like to create change for yourself in this area & are ready to shift that conversation but are feeling stuck, please connect with me so I can support you, simply reply to my email, call me on 0407 558 216, or book an appointment at

Until next time we connect Big Love and Hugs Sonja xo

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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