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I AM ....(not enough)

'I AM'

I loved the quote “I AM ENOUGH” I even had it on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick so I couldn’t miss it, day after day it still stood out. But then I got to a stage where I decided that this statement was no longer a complete truth for me. It was time for me to remove the word ‘enough’ and allow ‘I AM” to be the complete statement. ‘Enough’ can allow room for perception and judgement, as what is ‘enough’ for one person is different for another and even though, this is a statement to ourselves, the ‘I AM’ statement presents a complete and whole statement by itself. Take a moment and say the set of 2 statements below and feel how your body responds as you say each set:

I AM happy enough / I AM happy. I AM loved enough / I AM loved I AM enough / I AM (say your name here)

How did you go? Did you feel a change in your body or thoughts as you said the two different statements one after the other?

Sometimes we may feel that we are not 'something' eg successful or beautiful or a vast example of expressions, yet when we come from our heart and soul, HOW can we be anything other than who we are being from within, when expressing our true self. The 'I AM' statements affirm we are in connection with our truth, our wholeness, our souls expression of love.

To think about it one step further, when we say 'I AM' and just stay in that complete statement, we are stripping away all the labels we have acquired over time, as we are not our job, or how we look, or what role we fulfill eg Mum or Dad, etc we are much deeper than that.

The more we tune into ourselves the less we are able to define ourselves to a label, as we are infinite in 'I AM'. This is where we deepen our connection, grow and expand towards our purpose, our love and light in our own way, through our own divine energy and our unique journey.

Being aware of the awareness itself


This month I have put together a short meditation on 'I AM' I hope you enjoy it and revisit it often to connect in with your divine ‘BE’ing. I have also written it below to reference if you would like to read it to yourself. Connecting with this over for a few weeks (21 days) will support your awareness to the self and connect with aligning with your heart and soul. Let’s get started…… Take a deep breath in and out and when you are ready start to turn your focus inwards towards your breath. Ensuring your feet are flat on the floor and your back supported. Having turned inward, focus on the breath and ask yourself 'Who am I?, don't try and answer the question, just sit with it. AM I my thoughts? AM I my connection to the universe AM I the oneness with ALL, AM I the witness to all experiences........ What is my Purpose ? Why do I do what I do? How am I of service to others and the world? Just allow any image or thought or words come and go..... Now Focus on the tasks that you do and the feelings you associate with those tasks...

list them all....... Now let them go Focus on your self and all the roles that you do, list them now........ Now let them go Now just taking it a step further to connect with 'I AM' Say your full name, I AM ....... and connect with all the memories that come to mind for you as your name.......... Now let them go Now say just your first name I AM ........... and connect with all the memories that come to mind for you as your first name .......... Happy memories from childhood or other experiences.... Now let them go Now bringing your focus towards yourself and allow yourself to focus on your heart and soul and become the witness to it and just say I AM... over and over if thoughts come let them go and repeat I AM Now staying as you are and stop saying I AM and just BE, being aware of the awareness that you are in. Allowing us to BE who we are, our true self. The part of us that is not seen but can be witnessed from ourselves. It is the enteral part of us. Just rest in that now, letting go of the roles, the physical part of you and rest in the awareness of being aware. Slowly reconnecting with the breath and breathe in and out and gently wiggle the fingers and toes. Open your eyes when you are ready Take a few moments before continuing your day and connect in with how you feel after acknowledging yourself.

I hope this meditation supports you to feel grounded, connected and protected connecting in deeply with your awareness and the gift this offers Please also remember if this is any area in life you feel you are struggling with emotionally and would like some one-to-one support to connect deeper, to talk through what is happening for you to move through the feelings of being stuck emotionally and re-new your zest for life please get in touch as I am still seeing clients and connecting via zoom. Please book an appointment here or contact me on 0407 558 216.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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