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Holding Your Own Hand

Supporting Your Own Inner Child

I Understand Your Pain

Recently I had a (Kinesiology) ‘Balance’, it was around how I have been hindering myself making friends, even with myself. When I was 8, my parents decided we would move for a ‘better’ lifestyle. Leaving all our friends and school and everything we knew behind. That’s it, we were on the move. The pain and trauma around leaving my old home and all that felt safe and secure, never fully felt acknowledged, understood or released. It's not about blaming anyone, this is about my healing journey. So often in life we are not sure how to support someone else’s pain or grief, so we put the ‘positives’ forward, hoping it will help their pain. We often don’t know what to offer, but talking about uncomfortable feelings can be uncomfortable for everyone. So we try to fix them as that is what we think they need or what we can offer, as that is often the only experience we have been offered in similar situations.

We can’t give to someone else what we haven’t learnt or experienced ourselves.

What is often needed is to really connect in with the hurt, and the painful emotions, let them surface and acknowledge them. Sometimes it takes someone else (or ourselves) to just say


not try and fix it, just acknowledge us where we are.

THEN and only then can we start to let those feelings go and start to welcome healing, love and compassion in.

My strategy over the years, has been to be very comfortable with my own company, which felt safer than going out and meeting new people especially in big groups & feeling that scared 8 year old energy again. Yet, as comfortable as I was with myself, because I was familiar with me, I still hadn’t become my own best friend and feeling like I had my own back.

Yet life is about connection, so although it might be comfortable to stay where I was, I needed to be willing to be in the discomfort to grow, to experience life in all it's colours, which is what life is about for all of us.

Caring for yourself.

I Became My Own Caretaker, My Own Love And Support.

In my balance, I (as my age today) went within and joined my 8 year old self at our first day at our new school. We lined up for the beginning of the day together holding hands, knowing and understanding each other, my heart felt happy. My 8 year old self no longer felt alone, scared, overwhelmed, we no longer felt that pain as we had each other. My pain was acknowledged, by my older self, as my older self knew what that felt like, my 8 year old was offered the love and support she needed at that time.

It’s true to say that we may not have been able to receive the care, nurture and support at certain times in life, for whatever reason, but we can give it to ourselves now and heal the emotional pain of the past.

Let the ‘Protector’ who has risen from this time a chance to lay down, let the ‘Inner Critic’ who speaks to us to make sure this never happens again an opportunity to feel the love and nurture it has been seeking since this time or event.

This balance felt very healing, as is often the case it was not at all where I had started at the beginning of the session. But that is the beauty of Kinesiology (balancing) sessions, they take us where we need to go to heal. I felt so much love for myself afterwards. True Friendship!

If you would like to reconnect with your own Inner Child and heal from experiences of the past I can support you with this.

Healing the wounded Inner Child is the area I focus on as it offers a deep healing that supports you to live into your future free of the past hurts.

Please contact me at or 0407 558 216 for an appointment.

Meditation Monday Nights 

Meditation Monday nights - 27th July,  3rd, 10th, 17th August  

Feel free to share with others, as the more we connect together the more we can all gain from the experience.

Please register if coming or interested, to keep track of the event.     

If you have any questions please just click reply and ask.

Look forward to seeing and sharing this time with you.   

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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