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Have You Congratulated Yourself Lately?

Reflect, Acknowledge and Congratulate Yourself

With such a big year almost at a close, (not that this journey of change is over, there is definitely more of that to come,) I have put some questions forward as suggestions for you to take some time, make some space, to reflect, acknowledge and congratulate yourself on all you have achieved in such an EPIC year. To acknowledge “How are you going?”

Take some time to write down, reflect and tune in on the different aspects or angles in your life for the year. What have you achieved, thinking not only externally but also the growth you have achieved from within? I would love to hear from you and what 2020 has created for you so feel free to hit reply and share if you like, but either way I hope you enjoy this reflection.

So thinking about 2020, what has been the biggest thing or experience that has created change for you?

What is the experience or area in life that you have been most happy with?

What have you changed this year, that if this year wasn’t what it was 'EPIC', you would likely still be doing it, but maybe not wanting to?

Thinking about ‘Letting Go’, where has this presented itself or shown up in your life this year? Did you find it easy to let go, still working on it, or tried to hold on tighter, or something else?

What steps have you made towards something that you found was a calling from your heart or something that you have always thought about, but had yet to takes action on?

What has presented in your life that perhaps wouldn’t have if life had stayed ‘normal’?

Even though there has been uncertainty, what did you create for yourself that you are going to keep moving forward with?

What was the hardest thing or time for you and how do you feel about it now? Have you been able to evolve how you feel about it and start to move from that feeling? (There is no right answer to this question either, it’s just to acknowledge exactly where you are and to be OK with it and yourself).

Where or how did you stay kind to yourself, honour yourself and acknowledge your worth? Where have you offered yourself space and grace during the year?

These questions are an opportunity to seek out the changes you have made, big or small to acknowledge where you are at the moment.

NOW..... take the time to congratulate yourself for everything you have just acknowledged, even if something didn’t go to plan, it is important to acknowledge the resistance, the pain of it and still accept what is.

It is not until we accept ourselves exactly how and where we are, the happy and the not so happy, that we can truly accept ourselves completely and move forward from there.

Offer Ourselves Space And Grace

Offer Ourselves Space And Grace

This month is really attuned to healing and part of the healing process is to allow (the) 'truth' to unfold or be told. There may be a truth you feel is time to release or it may present itself unexpectedly.

Often a long held truth once revealed or released can feel painful, however once it is out, (it may take time as in hours or days or more but….), it does feel very soothing to the mind and soul, to let go, to move on from holding on to the past, to ancestral patterns.

We need to let go of holding truths that are hurting us, to heal ourselves and our society, the world at large, so we can (all) move forward without carrying the past into the present and future any longer.

Offer ourselves space and grace before we even realise we need it.

There is so much to acknowledge about how far we have progressed and it is important to notice for it yourself.

If you would like to continue the process and would like support, I can help you with this. Clients often share truths with me they have never told anyone else before. It is such a gift when this occurs as I know we have connected in trust, space and compassion to allow this to occur.

The difference when we set ourselves free from the past is amazing and can be difficult at the same time but so worth it when we do.

Please connect with me if this is something you would like to explore further. Also, if you would like to share your responses to the questions above hit reply or for anything else you feel you would like to share as I would love to hear from you and how you have navigated 2020.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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