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Going within

Going within, connecting & honouring ourselves

Going within to come back out clearer and stronger

Over the last few weeks I have found myself retreating in some ways. While still consulting in Torquay, I am now also consulting in Colac and with change comes different spaces, energy, people and places, all new relationships in one form or another to get to know and adjust to.

Have you ever noticed, when starting a new job, venture or any relationship, often within the first few weeks there is a feeling of becoming unwell or even just a time needed for rest, rejuvenation, perhaps even recovery? We need this time as it allows for all the changes to be integrated and processed, if we have not given that to ourselves along the way, there will come a time when the body, mind and soul will demand it.

It is so important to notice this and honour it as well. Keeping ourselves balanced and removing the need to prove ourselves to others, which is what can occur if we are feeling unsure. It is really important to actually be our best self at each stage and allow that to be enough.

For me, being in Colac, at The Otway Wellbeing Centre, brings about a world of opportunity and I’ve found I needed to really go in, to listen to myself and find how I want to bring myself to the centre, rather than just let it happen and see how it goes.

I found I’ve had to go silent, less Instagram posts, less talking, less busyness, more meditation, listening to myself, writing a journal and my reflections, to hear what I need, to bring the best of myself to Colac as well as Torquay.

After some quiet time, I feel I have my messages, ‘the Big Picture’, I have my guidance I can take action in Colac, it’s exciting!!! I understand what it is that is important for me and offer that, rather than trying everything or trying to be everything, just focus on what it is I need to do and be and trust that is enough.

Allowing time and presence to show what makes our heart happy

Listening to our inner guidance

Have you found this for yourself in relationships, not just work related, but on any level? If we just allow things to happen to us, or try and control everything how we think it ‘should’ be, we are missing the opportunity to hear our inner guidance and listen to our higher self, becoming aware of what we are really being guided towards, and take steps from there, trusting in the process rather than the exact outcome. When we listen from within and then take it out, we are not on a personal quest for ourselves as every relationship is a mix of energy, with give and take and it is through this we find how to care for ourselves and others.

I am looking forward to bringing different presentations and talks and workshops to you throughout the year. Stay tuned for further updates……..

If you are finding life overwhelming at the moment, especially with all the changes that are occurring so quickly with the Coronavirus, and quite time and reflection are helping but something deeper is still triggering, supporting yourself with a Kinesiology balance can explore what is holding you in the fear or panic.

Please contact me if you would like an appointment in Torquay or Colac. Being in a space to be able to accept ourselves and others 'even though' we are not perfect and we make 'mistakes'. It is in the quiet time we give to ourselves such as meditation, writing a journal, Kinesiology, to be able to reflect, learn and grow that we find the kindness and compassion to be enough 'even though' we may not get it all 'right'. The more we connect to ourselves and hear and understand what our heart is guiding us to, the more we will be OK with all that is going on in and around us, seeing a different kind of perfect. Allowing for assuming to be removed and all the stress that goes along with it. It can be difficult to move towards love and acceptance without support as there may be anger, hurt and pain as well as feelings of being stuck in this 'place'. I am here to support you on that journey if you feel the time has come for you to love and accept yourself 'even though' you may still need to heal from your hurt.

With Love & Gratitude

Sonja Leon

Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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