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Getting clear on ‘What’ you want and 'Why'

'What is it you really Want?'

The last 6 months or so, have been a time of ‘turning in,’ it has given us time to see and feel into what is important to us. As things start to change again, we are all starting to move to the next phase (thinking about it at least) of what will life be like moving forward.

This is a really important time, on many angles including astrologically to focus and become clear on ‘WHAT’ we are feeling drawn towards for our happiness. What opportunities do we want to bring into our life? What we focus on now will be what our energy will be drawn to for the next 2 years, so dream BIG.  


What is it that I want for myself, my family and the world moving forward? 

What is it that I don’t want or need any longer?

What have I perhaps been hiding from that now I am ready to step into or up to?

Invest time into these very important questions, as the clearer we become about WHAT we want in life the more opportunity there is for them to actually come and manifest into our life.


To help ground us into our ‘What’ the next step is to become clear on our WHY!

When we are clear WHY we want something in our life, it is this drive and understanding that keeps us grounded and moving forward. So when things get hard or we don’t feel like what we want is possible, or ever going to happen, connect into the WHY. Ask, ‘Why’ did I start this in the first place, WHY is it so important to me?

Tune Into The Body As Well As The Mind Our body is here to guide us, check in, feel if it is in alignment with 'WHAT' and 'WHY.' If unsure ask more than one option and tune into how the body feels when asking each question, which one feels more in harmony, in flow and in alignment.   

Getting clear on What and Why to create it in your life

What About HOW?

The HOW comes through TRUST and TAKING ACTION. The HOW may not be clear initially, but it is in trusting and taking action, taking continual steps, sharing our story and looking for the signs, the next lead that keeps moving us towards WHAT it is that’s important to us.


Gratitude is an important part of this journey too. BEing grateful daily for what we already have and what we are ready to be living into as if we already have it. Acknowledge it as though we already have it, allows the energy of the universe to catch up to us.

Have fun with it !!! Please also remember if this is any area in life you feel you are struggling with emotionally and would like some one-to-one support to connect deeper, to talk through what is happening for you to move through the feelings of being stuck emotionally and re-new your zest for life please get in touch as I am still seeing clients and connecting via zoom. Please book an appointment under consultations or contact me on 0407 558 216.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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