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Forgiveness starts at home & home is where the heart is

Forgiveness starts with ourselves

The gift in Forgiveness

Many times things ‘happen’ in our life and we want someone else to take responsibility for it. We want to blame them for the wrong doing it has caused or created ‘to’ us.

I agree there are some really horrible and heartbreaking events that happen in our life and world, no doubt about that.

However, forgiveness to ourselves, from ourselves is really the key that sets us free from the emotional memories and pain of these events and the past, it allows us to clear that memory.

Forgiveness is not about the other person, as they may not even know the pain we are experiencing and if they are aware of the situation that created such pain, then they are likely focused on their own pain.

Staying angry or sad, and blaming really keeps us stuck and energetically tied to them and the situation, until we forgive and free ourselves of the attachment.

It may be a big shift in thinking BUT what if we removed ‘blame’ and instead focused on being responsible for ourselves and our healing, doing what we CAN to transform our emotional attachment and memory to the situation.

Ho'oponopono Process

Ho'oponopono Process

There is a very simple, yet powerful 4 step process Ho'oponopono Mantra - Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

  • I’m Sorry

  • Please Forgive Me

  • Thank you

  • I love you

Initially it may feel like ‘Why am I sorry?’ When we become responsible for ourselves we can lay down the need to blame and instead focus on our own healing and compassion for ourselves. ‘I’m Sorry’ is seeing the situation for what it is, seeing the hurt and pain and acknowledging that. Then offering Forgiveness to ourselves, Gratitude and Love and accepting of what is. The beauty of this practice is that it can be used all the time, whenever resistance is felt as we are always seeking to return to love. On a slightly deeper level it is worth knowing that when we heal the pain within us, we also support healing of the mirroring energy of the person who we connected with for this experience, which is a good thing for everyone. As we heal ourselves we also heal the planet, when we raise our vibration the vibration of the world also rise up. Which is what we are all ideally seeking, a healthy healed world. I would love to hear how you go with this, what changes for you? How does it feel after focusing on the process and saying it often? However, if you would like to to connect, talk through what's happening for you, and receive one to one support to move through the feeling of being stuck, which may be evident especially at this challenging time, please get in touch as I am still seeing clients. Please book an appointment here or contact me on 0407 558 216.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

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