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Feeling Squeezed?

Feeling Squeezed ?

I love to listen to energy forecasts, such as astrologers, who looking at the way the energy of the different planets and their energy and interactions with each other influence what is happening in the universal energy, which we are part of, like a weather forecast. I feel this type of information is really useful as it assists to bring clarity and offer insights to support keeping life in perspective and understanding that there is a higher reason or purpose to what plays out in life, it’s not just random.

These energy forecasts can offer clarity about what’s occurring, shifting the thought pattern away from ‘why is this happening to me’ and helps prevent a ‘victim’ mindset and instead supports a shift to focus from an awareness and knowing that ‘I am right where I am meant to be’. Knowing what is coming we can prepare just like we do with the weather, if it’s forecast to rain, we take a jacket, umbrella, closed in shoes, and weather the storm, rather than being in shorts and t-shirt and feeling a victim to the external world, exposed and getting completely battered and caught out from it.

We are here to experience and navigate our life for the lessons we have come to learn this lifetime and as we do that for ourselves it not only impacts us personally but our community and everyone else on the planet (the collective).

We are currently progressing through the change from the old energy structure collapsing, which became evident from 2017 (of being told by authority what to do and how to live, to a more community and collective consciousness way of choosing how to live), we are in the middle of this transition, of this bridging from the old to the new.

This stage, from now to April, even October, we're really in a tight squeeze to only bring with us what we want to continue. By 2014 the seeds for the future will have been sown – it’s unlikely to be completely smooth sailing but the transition in terms of how we move forward will be evident.

This stage of the transition is squeezing us to really let go, work through and release the things of the past that we have held on to that are not for our highest good. This squeeze is pressing us to let go of those most painful emotional experiences, beliefs or outdated ancestral patterns. To shine a light on them, acknowledge what is needed to heal, find compassion, understanding and forgiveness from within ourselves and come to acceptance within that we are complete and whole and we can validate ourselves as worthy even though these events or beliefs have occurred or previously held us back from our highest self.

No longer it seems can we escape it

I am finding this one particular past stage of my life, I have managed up until now to pretty much side step, hide, try and forget, pretend doesn’t impact me the way it does, has surfaced again and this time it seems no way but to go through the healing process of it. I know it’s time because to create what I really feel I am ready for in life, I need to shift and clear this, so I am more comfortable with visibility, being judged & being me. Knowing it is time from the forecasts has also helped me accept it is time and seek the support I need to really connect in and honour myself too.

The more we all heal our past, the faster and clearer the future will be and the higher our energy will be and the more connection it will bring. Our triggers, which are usually stirred from our unresolved pain and trauma, are big contributors to what creates division, and seeing ourselves as separate from each other.

If the more we will finally be able to accept each other more easily, the less triggered we will be when we are with others because the triggers will not be there. From this we will ideally be in our flow more and with a shift like this feel more abundant, connected & fulfilled internally. It will not be about having more, but sharing more, we will feel less defined by what we have and more about who we are, because we will be feeling more accepting of who we are.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, hence the 7 year bridging transition that we are in, but the light is always at the end of the tunnel.

For me, it has been very helpful to keep my focus on the light at where I am going while being present to what I need to shift, clear, heal and create to get there.

I hope you keep looking to the future, the past is gone and with less emotional attachment to it, the easier it will be to move forward and create the world we want to be in, connected, collectively, creating and inclusive through love, kindness and compassion for all.

With love and light

If you would like to understand or explore further letting go of the past and bringing your focus and energy into the present and creating your future and feel you need support with that, please connect with me, Sonja, for a chat or to book with me directly please contact me on 0407 558 216. To Our Healing Always Until next time we connect Big Love and Hugs Sonja

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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