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Discover the Power of Mindset and Movement - Workshop Your Invited!

Live the life you love

It's getting to the most hectic time of the year we can all fee it building!

The Festive Season and Christmas Day can find us feeling stressed, stretched and catching up with family, work colleagues or 'friends' we would rather not.......

Before the lead up to Christmas gets too hectic, Annelise Worn, Fitness Instructor and myself, Sonja Leon Kinesiologist are coming together to bring some of our best tips that can fit into ONE HOUR. To support bringing the Festive Season and the next decade in, feeling calm, empowered and grateful, even when it is a truly chaotic time. Allowing our selves to feel supported with an inner calm and happiness, even though we may not be in our ideal environment or company.

The techniques discussed have been really effective for our clients in the past and we would love to share this with you too, so we can all enjoy our lives, whatever the circumstances around us.

Feel calm and empowered, whatever is occuring around you

Invest an hour of time into your well-being and experience the ripple effect in every area of life.

During our time together we will be sharing about:

  • Self - Care,

  • Gentle Movement

  • Communication

  • Courage

  • Forgiveness and

  • Gratitude

What techniques work and importantly WHY. Understanding the benefits of supporting yourself and living the life you love from where you are now, supports you to live the life you want for yourself.

From this place you can step into your full potential. 'Awaken your Inner Happiness', align with your purpose, and be the light for yourself and others.

Tickets are $12, and all proceeds are to be directly donated to Geelong Mums, a great volunteer group helping the local community.

Two sessions available

  • Tuesday 26th November 10 - 11am or

  • Thursday 28th November 7-8pm

Tickets available via Eventbrite via awakeninnerhappiness

With Love & Gratitude

Sonja Leon

Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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