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Crystals are gifts from Mother Nature.

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Crystals have a different purpose through the various vibrational energies they hold.

Black Tourmaline, amythest, rose quartz, clear quartz

They have become woven into so many areas of my day to day life. I am often drawn to different crystals, it is like they are calling my name. Do you find this happens to you? It’s your intuition that guides you to the one(s) with the right vibration for you. Often we are drawn to Rose Quartz (unconditional love) Clear Quartz (clarity, manifesting, uplifting) and also Amethyst (purifying, cleansing and intuition) and then before long we are drawn to a wider variety of crystals. Certain crystals will present themselves to support what you need at different times too.

Crystals look after us, do you know how to look after them?

Crystals support us in so many ways Crystals support us with health, emotional well-being, protection, and connecting us with our intuition. Often crystals are worn as jewellery to keep the vibration close to our heart. Some days I just pop them into my bra to have optimal vibration from them for the day to stay close to my skin and heart. At home you can place Black Tourmaline on each window and above the doorways for grounding and protection in and around the home. It can also be placed in front of the T.V and under computer desks to absorb electromagnetic interference. Crystals are often remedies for balancing in Feng-Shui, as they can harmonise the energy needed for a certain area.

I use crystals during Kinesiology sessions, they are great for children as they are soothing and provide a point of focus. Crystals are beneficial for all clients and help the body to feel the vibration that it is seeking whether that is supporting, protecting or re-aligning, it offers something subtle but empowering to connect and resonate with even after your balance.

Crystals support us in so many ways

Do you know how to clean and revitalise your crystals? Crystals are made up of energy and like all of us, can come into lower level energy or negativity at times, so to cleanse the crystal you can try the following: Clear & Cleanse Water – Using fresh running water, from a river or creek or from the tap. Pat dry when done. Salt - Sea salt or salt and water. Allow the crystals to sit in it for about 4 hours or even overnight. Rinse the salt off and pat dry. (Malachite becomes toxic is if used with salt so just water for this one.) Not all crystals are suitable for cleaning with water or salt as they disintegrate examples include Moonstone, Turquoise Red Coral, or many of the ‘ite’ crystals such as Calcite, Selenite for these or any other crystals the following methods can be applied.

Full Moon – (This is one of my favourites) Place your crystals out on the earth/soil overnight with a full view of the full moon energy for clearing and cleansing. This way you remember each month to cleanse them with the cycle of the moon. Brown rice – place the crystals in a glass bowl completely covered by the rice and leave overnight, throw the rice away once finished. Sage - is another great cleanser, you can use the essential oil or the smoke from the Sage to clear and cleanse.

Charge New Moon - Using the energy of the New Moon is a beautiful way of re-energising your crystals, again put them out on the earth overnight. You can even write an intention and place it under the crystal as well. Programming your Crystal When you first receive your crystal it is ideal to clean and charge them as well as activate them to align with you - as it has had quite a journey just to get to you. Hold your crystal in your hand, concentrate on it and close your eyes to really connect. You may like to place your hand over your heart or a specific chakra if it aligns with the energy of that chakra and say out loud, “I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self, to clear any negativity or past programming of this crystal.” I dedicate this crystal to the highest good for myself and those around me, I ask this crystal to………. whatever you say next will set the intention, purpose or function for the crystal. Then say Thank-you 3 times. In confirmation it has been received.

The energy of the full moon is so powerful

So put this into practice

To really enjoy your crystals further I will be hosting a

5 Week Chakra Meditation

  1. Monday 19th August until 16th September 2019

  2. Time - 7.30p.m. - 8.30p.m.

  3. You will be provided with a crystal that matches each of your chakras

  4. $130 including crystals

  5. This event will be held at Inner Purpose

  6. Booking and payment to be finalised by Friday 16th August 2019.

I find the energy of group meditation really takes the session deeper, you get to meet others and bathe in the beauty of positive energy.

Look forward to sharing this time together. With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

w m 0407 558 216 f awakeninnerhappiness In Awaken your Inner Happiness Be the Light for yourself & Others

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