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Deep Listening to 'Fill YOUR Cup On Fridays'

Deep Listening This year a theme has been emerging that I am really drawn to and it is ‘Deep Listening….’

Deep listening is something that we have forgotten or lost in many aspects of life. As women we would sit around the circle, share and ‘be’ present. Listen to one another, create space for each other and ourselves to speak and to ‘deep listen’ to each other (and ourselves) without interruption, without trying to fix or solve the problem, person or situation.

All too often when someone speaks we offer a suggestion or solution or we cut others off to tell or share our story……. As humans, we are designed to problem solve and there is a place and space for this. But more often than not, we don’t need someone else to tell us what to do. We need support and deep listening to allow for the space for what’s next to come through and be present for and within us.

We often look outside of ourselves for validation and confirmation rather than inwards. We have fallen into the misconception that others know better or they have the answer. When really we hold such wisdom within, when we take the time and space to ‘deep listen’ to ourselves first. Get out of our head, tune into our body or nature and really be guided from within.

Listening to our body, our energy as it ebbs and flows, listening to our inner wisdom, our intuition and also our fears and doubts so we can connect with them, acknowledge them and understand them. From this space share in their wisdom, so we can hear what they are really wanting us to know and offer the insight for us to learn and grow.

Deep listening is also listening in to Mother Earth and all that lives with her. To connect with all of nature, hearing the birds sing, the water’s movement in all its forms, the wind blowing and really appreciate it. Hear Mother Earth’s message and feel the connection with her from our heart. It’s so beautiful when we listen deeply and become really present to ‘what is,’ in and around us on that deeper level.

Create Time For Yourself to Connect & Reflect

To honour ‘deep listening’ and connection between us, which I feel so many of us are really seeking, I am offering a series of morning meditations and reflections on the first Friday of the month from July until December 2022.

The Sessions will focus on a different Chakra each session as well as allowing time for reflection and space for deep listening within yourself and within the group.

This time is to fill your cup. It’s a space to just ‘be’ to just show up, to reflect and share if you feel drawn to do so. It is not a counselling or Kinesiology session, rather a time to come together and connect.

If you would like to join in for all 6 session as a full booking or to book individually for the sessions, please book at for the applicable session/s.

Please note although there are 7 main Chakras there are 6 sessions, as the last session two Chakras will be combined.

Date(s): Friday 1st July, 5th August, 2nd September, 7th October 4th November 2nd December

Time: 9.30 for approximately 1 hour

Commitment : $100 for the group of 6 sessions or $20 individual/casual session

Place: YogaFarm - 150 McCann Rd Armstrong Creek 3217 If you would like to explore this energy of honouring yourself and Filing Your Own Cup further, for yourself and you would like support to do so, please connect with Sonja for a chat or to book in a consult session directly contact 0407 558 216 or

With love and light

Until next time we connect

Big Love and Hugs


With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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