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10 Reflections To Support A More Fulfilled and Happy Life

Are You Living Into The Life You Love?

Having just turned 50 & at the 'next stage' of life some might say, I have been reflecting on what I believe to be the important aspects in life...

I have picked 10 to highlight, there certainly are more, but these ones are definitely high on the list but not in any particular order.

May each of these be present in your life already and if not, may you find the courage, inspiration, grit, will or whatever it takes to gift them to yourself.

Self-Care! It’s not a luxury; it is an essential element of life just like eating and sleeping. Self-care is nourishment for our soul, heart, body and mental health. Anything from meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, having a bath, walking in nature, whatever it is that reconnects you with you. ‘ME time’.

Communicate. Share what is important for you with those that are important to you. Share your needs and wants with kindness and compassion. Rather than assume others know what you want, communicate it, speak your truth and then stand in and for it. Listen more and talk less. When someone else is talking ( or even your own inner voice) rather than just being ready to jump in to tell your story or give advice, listen, ask questions, really be connected with the person (or yourself), be present and listen, it helps create connection and understanding and is very empowering for both of you. Increase Gratitude in your life. Be present! Journal about what you are grateful for each day &/or do something from your ‘Happy” list every day. Don’t have a happy list? Write one today, it can include anything and everything that connects you and ‘happiness’. Coffee in the morning, hot air balloon trip, diving with sharks (ok, that’s not everyone’s happy), connecting with friends, painting, colouring in (never too old to colour in), dance, whatever it is for you.

Then when you invest your time in these actions every day, be really present with them. Bring all your senses in and enjoy that moment, really connect with what you are grateful or happy for. The more you are grateful for, the more grateful you become, the more you will notice or see the silver lining to each situation. Set Boundaries - This is a big one. Decide what is acceptable for you. What boundaries do you need to establish for yourself to support you? What is it that you are no longer willing to accept from others? People learn how to treat us by how we treat ourselves and what we let other people do or not do towards us, so it’s up to us to decide what we will accept. This can be a really hard one, courage and support may be required so seek support, accept it and implement it. You've Got This

Connect with yourself and others

Be Your Own Best Friend, Make Time To Listen In & Connect

Taking responsibility for yourself. This has come up for me many times in life, where I think I am taking responsibility but I am not owning it. When we own it, then we are in a place of choosing to accept what is occurring, how we are feeling and the action required. Then and only then, can we do something about it and create the transformation we want. The gift with taking full responsibility for ourselves is when we own it, we can choose at each stage what we do next, freeing us from other people’s opinion or judgement. Look inside ourselves rather than outside for our answers! We often hear that the answers we seek are already within us and they are, so connect with yourself, ask yourself, then listen. If you need support to do that, seek it out. I started my journey to hear and find my inner voice before I was 30 and now, I support others to re-connect and listen and be guided by themselves. It is such a gift to re-connect and accept ourselves again. Simplify life, where you can. Different stages of life require different commitment, but slow down where you can. Ask for assistance, rather than just push on or complain or blame (someone else for not doing enough and get bitter about it). Allow others to support you with gratitude. It is amazing how many times people say Yes when you genuinely ask for something. Remembering though, if you have enough on, then simple say 'No' or 'that's enough today' to anything non essential. It comes back to self-care. Let go of the emotional pain/trauma of the past. This has taken a while for me too and although life is a journey and something will always present itself as we are continually learning, growing and fulfilling our commitments to this lifetimes journey of growth. I finally feel free of the emotional attachment to many of the experiences of my past, what people said or did.

Allowing the emotion around these experiences to release has also offered forgiveness for myself and others (so I am free of that emotional attachment to them also). I wish this for you as well, step into your future without the baggage of the past coming along! Let go of expectation and assumption from others, but keep your own standards. When we assume or expect someone to love us, connect with us or treat us a certain way, we can be setting ourselves us for disappointment and a range of hurtful emotions. Sometimes this can be really difficult to not want to control an outcome or have an expectation and this is true for so many relationships, from Mother /Child relationships to our partners, friends and more. Each person learns to love and relate to the world the way they where shown when they where young, which may be very different than the way we experience and show up in the world.

So when we come across others who we are at odds with, allow expectation and assumption to go and aim to allow understanding in, it creates a shift for all, (while still keeping self care a priority).

It is through this compassion that others also get the opportunity to experience that there may be a different way to love and approach life, if that is what they are looking for and for us to not be attached to the outcome.

Which brings me to my final summary reflection

Fill Your Own Cup first.

Only then can you give and be all you want to be for yourself and have enough to flow over to give to others also, without being depleted, unwell, resentful or any other emotion that comes with feeling that you are giving more than you are receiving. I don’t have it all sorted that’s for sure, but entering this ‘next stage’ and reflecting back as well as having the honour of working with and supporting my clients, these areas of life are what come up time and time again as the priority for so many of us. I hope this gives you some insight or a gentle reminder of who really is the most important person in your life, through grace and gratitude, love and self-acceptance. YOU! Until next time Big love and hugs Sonja If you would like further support in any of these areas of life or feel stuck emotionally about something else..... Please just reach out, connect with me, Sonja 0407 558 216 or book an appointment at

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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