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Releasing The Old Patterns

Release the old patterns

Re-Write Your Job Description

Are you doing things in life you really dislike?   Is it the way it has always been, so that’s just how it is? Do these tasks bring with them a feeling of anger, frustration or resentment?

What about rewriting your job description for your personal life!!!

What areas in life do you want to re-write for yourself moving forward?

For me, my least favourite task is making and cooking dinner.

When I was a teenager, living at home, that was my job, every weeknight.

Then years later, as a couple, it started out as one cooks, one cleans up, but somewhere along the way they all became my tasks. Maybe being at home with children makes it seem like I haven’t worked, or what is very likely the truth is because I wasn’t earning an income I feltI needed to ‘do everything’ to be worthy as I was a Mum now, and that is what Mums do…..

I would complain about it, but nothing changed………. So finally I changed.

I declared that I am not the main meal maker anymore. Sure I help and when I need to make dinner I do and when I do, I choose to make it, no complaining, so the angst around it doesn't start.  

When we choose something we agree to it, we make it our decision and commit to it, which allows us to release the need to complain. 

Often others, our partner, children etc are happy to ‘let us’ keep doing everything we do, a bit of complaining maybe, but it keeps everyone in their comfort zone.

By declaring and negotiating, (as we would with any good job description), what is included and what is not as part of our roles, allows us to choose our tasks and responsibilities.

True to say, we may still have some roles or tasks that we don’t love, (and not everyone has someone to share the tasks with), but we can ‘choose’ them, so it becomes something we just do.

Changing our mindset around them frees us up, so they don’t feel like a burden, we don’t invest any extra energy into them.

Create the life you love.

Releasing old Patterns

What created the change for me?

I became aware I was living an old pattern from a subconscious level, even though I didn’t want to, I was role modelling my Mum who had watched and role modeled her Mum, and I was living those patterns and roles as well, because that is what I knew.

Through releasing these old patterns and being aware of what is important to fill my own cup, not what I believed or lived into what is expected of me, I have a new freedom and my girls see that we don’t need to stay ‘stuck’ in roles of the past.

We ARE free to choose, at times we just need to let go of what is holding us there, so we can make the space to be free to choose.

If you are finding you need support to identify and release old beliefs or patterns within yourself please connect with me and make an appointment at or 0407 558 216

so we can clear this together, as at times we need support to let go of the old or areas of life we don't understand so we can connect with our true selves.

With Love & Gratitude

Sonja Leon

Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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