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Are You Coming From Abundance or Lack ?

Are You Coming From A Place Of Abundance or Lack ?

Each time we think, speak or take action we are motivated by either abundance, (love & flow) or lack (fear).

So many things in life can be abundant or lacking depending on how we look, feel or act towards them......

Time, Money, Tasks, Friends, Family, Relaxation, Space, Exercise, Cooking………..

Money is a physical representation of energy and exchange, knowing this we can become aware how we feel about various aspects in our life. Reflecting on how we feel towards money, we may find it’s easy to exchange (money) and at other times it may not be so easy. This highlights in a physical form where we are in flow with our life and when we are not yet in the flow we seek.

To receive and be in abundance it starts by GIVING and being GRATEFUL, for what we already have, as well as when we do receive. It's good to note that we don’t have to accept everything, if it has strings attached or given with emotional charge, we can graciously decline and maintain our boundary, giving to ourselves and the situation gracefully.

Abundance is truly giving of yourself from the heart, this could be time, listening to someone, showing kindness or compassion or going the extra mile because you want to.

However, it is not being a door mat or doing things with the aim of getting recognition or acceptance or receiving something in return. When we give unconditionally and with congruence, more energy will come to us, it is the way of the universal energy flow, so we don’t become depleted. This is a great guide, as if we are giving and depleted then there is an element of lack or fear that is driving this action, rather than love and abundance and giving without expectation. Take the time to explore this within yourself and how you can allow more abundance in and let go of the fear.


Allow For Space And Flow

Receiving abundance also seeks that we allow ‘flow’ in our life. When we hold on to thoughts or items, ‘just in case’ or because that’s what we have accepted in the past, then recognise it is time to clear these out, clean out the old, de-clutter, if it doesn't bring joy release it .

Allow space and flow into ‘life’ for the abundance we do want to receive. If we are holding on too tightly to things or thoughts then the energy of abundance has no where to flow into, we are coming from lack (fear) that there is not enough so that is what is presented...... not enough.

Being aware of our thoughts and how our body feels about that thought or action confirms if it is an act from lack or abundance. Lack, holds those lower level repetitive, competitive or even jealous thoughts going round and round. Abundance doesn’t allow for that, it is looking for connection rather than separation, love and gratitude.

This time of the year can really bring out so many of our patterns and beliefs that have been established from our early family years. Take the time to honour yourself and your abundance at each opportunity. Decide what your priorities and boundaries are and where you feel abundant and work towards them, notice when you feel in lack and what the trigger or old story is around that, so you can let it go.

Looking and connecting in to where we feel lack in our life holds a great deal of insight into where we can build a deeper understand within ourselves and be in the empowered position to choose again how we feel think and show up in the world.

If this is an area in your life you would like to explore further, please connect with me, so we can uncover and release what is holding these thoughts and actions in place. Creating a life where you find your flow, your balance, talk to yourself abundantly and take inspired action to reinforce it's success.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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