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Anger.... What is it good for ?

Where there is anger there is always pain underneath

What Is Anger good for?

We often see Anger as a completely negative emotion, destructive and low level energy.

Anybody who lives with constant anger is not where they want to be, yet they are likely not sure how to move through it or ‘let it go’ to connect in with joy, self-love and happiness.

Anger comes from a lack of desire and love not being meet.

The energy of ‘Anger’ has often been passed down through the generations. Our parents and grandparents, had a role to do and expectations (usually of someone else) to meet and they needed to do it or they’d get the anger or wrath of the other (authority) person. Ouch! It was often a time of 'Be seen but not heard' and 'Do as you are told or else!'

Through this we learn to hold our emotions in, push them down and try to ignore them……until we erupt or explode as we can no longer contain the emotions when something triggers our emotional pain.

Anger is a form of pain and pain tells us that something is out of alignment with ourselves, we are not centred, grounded, or in harmony. When anger energy is suppressed or held in the body long enough, it eventually find its way out physically through different dis-eases, so it is important to safely release it, let it go and offer kindness and care to self.

The bridge can be made from anger to love

The Bridge Can Definitely Be Made From Anger to Love

The energy of anger can be used for good if we are able to witness it starting to rise and we intercept it before it becomes a fully engulfed energy that we act on and react from. Being aware of what is frustrating or where resentment is being held, which creates the trigger, this allows us to connect with those areas of life that are unfulfilled and need some love and attention. This is where the work is needed to forgive ourselves (and others), so we can allow love in its place.

When I was growing up our home often had the underlying energy of anger in it, really uncomfortable, not violent but angry, desires and life's passion not being meet, dreams not being fulfilled which feels really frustrating. What was really needed was for everyone to come together, open up about it, address what each person needed, help out and support each other. But no-one did as no-one wanted to be in ‘that energy’ together, so the comfortableness just got louder and louder and we became more and more silent at the same time.

The Changes I Have Made To Support Myself

From this experience I have learnt, that in life if we want something then we need to find a way to fulfill our dreams, might be slow but keep going. If we want help, ask for it, we don’t have to do it all by yourselves. When tired, rest and let others know how you feel, some things can wait. If we want to express something, say it or make a time and share how we feel, not make others wrong, but state how we feel and then engage in conversation of what’s possible or write it out so we can see it and then decide if we need to change something or it needs discussion and joint engagement.

Set Boundaries And Goals And Dreams and work towards them

Communicate what is important and offer that same compassion and understand that we seek from someone else to others as well, so their goals and dreams can be fulfilled. Being grateful for what we do have, also supports gratitude for yourself and others. If this is an area you would like to support yourself in, set yourself some clear boundaries and goals and journal about what is working for you and what is not. It’s easier to see your thoughts when they are written down rather than all in our head. Burn the paper once you have what you need, if you don’t want anyone else to see it or you are ready to let it go. It feels wonderful to burn the old energy allowing for something new and joyful in. However if you would like further support to release those old energies that are holding you back from your best life or if you would like to connect with me, to talk through what's happening for you, and receive one to one support to move through the feelings of being stuck in certain emotions including anger, please get in touch as I am still seeing clients and connecting via zoom. Please book an appointment here or contact me on 0407 558 216.

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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