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My Story

My Story

My story, and the power of Kinesiology

I went from not talking, and having people speak for me when I was young, to being a teenager who had a big attitude. Both of these just made me lonely and alone. 

When I was older and started working,  I put all my time and energy into working, going out, drinking and always 'doing’ something. I didn't want to be with or by myself, as that is when the loneliness would just set in again.

After the birth of my first daughter and being just the two of us at home, the loneliness came back in force, as it had never left. It had only been suppressed.

Finally, after sharing how I was feeling with a good friend, they suggested I see a Kinesiologist.
WOW. In these sessions I could be completely honest, share exactly how I was feeling, I felt heard and understood and supported to explore, my pain and why I felt so alone, what had happened in my life to create these feelings. Once I understood them I could let them go, the feeling of being free of stories I had lived into for so long was amazing. Being able to share my story and not be judged but rather supported to create change, by shifting the emotional attachment to my experiences was exactly what I had needed. I felt a real difference in my life, more calm and accepance of myself. I could finally understand where the pain had come from and release it.

Now I am comfortable to be with and by myself, whatever space or place I am in. I find it easy to talk to anyone now, as I feel I am worthy of contributing and what I say is important. This has shown up in all areas of my life. I had always been a good listener but now I can share my views and stories too, in an open and inclusive way.


My clients have often told me at the end of the session how quickly I helped them to feel comfortable, and that they had shared things with me they hadn't said so openly to anyone, and appreciated there was no judgement, just compassion and understanding and support.


This is the power of Kinesiology

My Purpose is to support Your Purpose

My journey with Kinesiology has been so powerful that it has become my 'purpose passion' in life. 


I’m still continuing on the path to supporting and empowering myself, which involves finding my voice and speaking my truth, even if it is hard. 


Meditation, gratitude and forgiveness have supported my journey. I make it a practice to search for the compassion in difficult situations, and then connect with the ‘why’. Finding the ‘why’ takes away from judgement and guilt, allowing for understanding and compassion to be present. 

Having experienced the journey of discovering Inner Happiness myself, I know how powerful and life changing it can be when you support and empower yourself. 


I now offer this to others. We often need support in getting to where we want to be. Sometimes our fears are just too big to go there alone initially but together we can meet it and release it.

Sessions via 1:1 appointments

I offer Kinesiology at:


Inner Purpose in Torquay, on the Surf Coast,
YogaFarm3217 - Mt. Duneed 

Online via Zoom. 

​​To book for Torquay please contact me directly or book online
To book for YogaFarm or Zoom on Thursdays please contact me directly 0407 558 216.


The Power Of Kinesiology


Each person is doing the best they can and have their own innate healing energy, however we also have the ability to block this healing due to fear, hurt, stress, pain and trauma.


At Inner Purpose the focus is to support the whole person holistically*, to come back into alignment and allow healing to occur. *(mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically) The focus of the session is to restore balance to the whole person through promoting the self-healing process.

At times we need assistance to bring our own balance back, by using the techniques of Kinesiology and Counselling Kinesiology we connect with what is holding the stress or pain in place, support releasing the pain to free us of the past (or future) and support healing. 

Kinesiology uses ‘muscle testing’ to identify where the body is holding stress. ‘Muscle testing’ is gentle pressure  applied, usually to the forearm, to gain insight into what stress the body is holding and where it is holding it as well as what emotional impact is holding it in place.

Kinesiology is part of the complementary health and natural energy healing field. Kinesiology is a combination of ancient Eastern science with techniques aligned with acupressure and balancing the Qi ( energy flow) of the body and Western energy balancing, which includes muscle testing and the different techniques applied to balance the body’s flow.

I am very passionate about supporting others in all areas of life, especially Mum's who feel completely 'isolated, overwhelmed and depleted'. Seeing the change that woman and Mum's make for themselves, their family and the world is so inspirational when they feel empowered and inspired. It is so important for our children to see and experience a happy Mum (and parents) making such a wonderful home to grow up in.

When woman feel supported from their own self worth and supported by others they are unstoppable, the impact they make in the world filters through so many lives, not just their generation but also the next generation and beyond, such a lasting impact on people’s lives. That is why I am so passionate to support Mum's to find their Inner Happiness, what makes their heart happy so they care for themselves first and then their family and others.


We can't give to others what we don't have ourselves. I am so passionate about supporting woman especially Mum's fill their own cup first, and then share their gifts and passion with the world. 

Throughout the 15+ years of Kinesiology I have had myself and now being a practitioner since 2012, my many years of experience have confirmed time and time again how powerful Counselling Kinesiology & Kinesiology are, not only for myself, but also for my clients. 


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