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I'm Curious

'What Have These Times Highlighted For You?'

I hope you are well and that during your time at home you decided to gift yourself some Rest and Reflection and also tick off some of your ‘To Do’ list.

Whatever you did or didn’t do, I hope you listened and tuned in to yourself and honoured yourself the best you could by being and doing exactly what you felt drawn to.

Having said that, I’m curious, during the Lockdowns what have you been thinking about?

What have these thoughts highlighted for you? No doubt, there has been a mix of feeling, but how about the creative ones, have you been able to see and feel these creative thoughts, really embody them, though meditation, drawing, dreaming or putting them in to action? It feels exciting when you can feel it, know it’s for you and being in the moment to witness how it’s showing up physically.

But what about when you don’t feel aligned with your creativity or yourselves, what is stopping you, what gets in the way?

So often we are stopped by our thoughts of the past, by past experiences, or our beliefs of what we think we are worthy of receiving. For example, how many times do you have an idea or want to do something and then you hear the little but persistent voice in your head say, ‘You can’t afford that’, or ‘You can’t go there you don’t know anyone’ “You are not qualified or experienced enough for that’….

Same old repetitive voice that tries to stop you in your tracks and the dream and vision along with it. The Inner critic (voice) is usually trying to protect you, from an experience or belief from the past, which is very likely so outdated.

Enough with that! Believe in your creativity, feel it and take action as if it’s already happening in your life and then allow the universe to catch up to you, what we believe is what comes to us, not what we want, so what you believe is what the universe will give you more of (lack or abundance).

What This Lockdown Has Highlighted & Gifted Me

For me, these times have highlighted I am ready for a new style of structure in life, one that flows but is more defining as well. Connecting more with others while still having space. Being available, but not always available, having space (and time) for myself to create what’s next and possible and bring it to life.

Which when I put all these together and really felt in to it, what presented is the opportunity for me to start seeing clients at YogaFarm Studio in Mt. Duneed. It’s a hop, skip and a jump from Torquay and Armstrong Creek, right in the middle of the two, and set on a beautiful 32-acre farm. It is a lovely space to sit after a session and reflect, enjoy the veggie garden, the space and quietness.

I am really looking forward to working in a collaborative space as well as still holding some sessions in Torquay, along with connecting into my creating space to evolve my course, to support and serve as many beautiful souls as I can, because we all have a beautiful soul, which really wants to shine.

If you would like to experience an Inner Purpose session, they run for 90 minutes, allowing us time to talk and really explore and unpack what is going on for you and get to know you.

If you’re a returning client, we’ll thoroughly talk about what has been going on since our last session.

Talking about how you are feeling in a safe space is so important and I really value when I have the trust of clients that they speak openly and freely, as that is when we can create change, working and connecting together to shift what is holding you stuck from feeling the happy, creative, vibrant worthy person that you want to be and feel.

When you make the changes you want and believe in yourself, and along the way understand what was stopping you in the first place from feeling valued, loved, expressed and cherished (by yourself first) and others, and when you bring that vitality to your life, creativity blooms and I love to be part of that journey.

It’s magical to witness and support a client’s shift and then see what they create!

If this is something you would like to explore further for yourself, please connect with me, Sonja, for a chat 0407 558 216 or if you would like to book in directly, please schedule a time at

Until next time we connect

Big Love and Hugs

Sonja xo

With Love & Gratitude Sonja Leon Inner Purpose

Awaken your Inner Happiness, Be the Light for yourself & others

Inner Purpose

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